5 Awesome Fair Trade Bags For Spring

I don’ t know about you, but to me March feels like being born again. I was out walking my dogs yesterday and saw crocuses and daffodils finally coming up. Amazing!

Now that winter is finally in the rear view mirror, you might be ready to update your wardrobe a bit. I know I sure am.

Well, there’s no better way to do that than choosing fair trade over big box merchandise.

I thought that today, in celebration of the 56 degrees we’re supposed to hit, that I’d highlight 5 awesome fair trade bags for spring.

1. Recycled Rice Bag

I love this bag so much!

It’s made from recycled rice bags, and as it is with most fair trade bags, every single one is different. This hobo is sturdy, eco-friendly, and made by hand by our artisans in Nepal.

Plus it’s so cheery that I think it’s perfect for spring, which is why it’s my top pick! Can’t you just see yourself toting this around on a sunny afternoon?

2. Cashmere and Silk Bag

This lovely little fair trade bag is perfect for spring. It’s a bit more delicate than the the recycled rice bag, but still big enough for your essentials.

It’s made from cashmere wool, cotton, and recycled silk.

3. Recycled Silk Shoulder Bag

If you’re not into toting a ton of stuff around (I definitely fall into this group!) then this little bag will fit you perfectly.

It’s made from lovely recycled silk, and the detailed embroidery is gorgeous. This is definitely one of my favorites that we have this season!

4. Floral Hemp Shoulder Bag

Why do I love this bag?

Well, let me count the ways…

First, it’s hemp, which is ultra-string and eco-friendly.

Second, the floral design on the earthy tones of the hemp fabric looks natural and elegant.

Third, this bag is way bigger than it looks. It’s 13 inches tall and 12 inches wide. So, if you love carrying around your journal and water bottle, this bag can handle it.

The Floral Hemp Shoulder Bag would make a wonderful bag for spring, especially if you carry around journals or travel books.

5. Semi-Round Hemp and Silk Shoulder Bag

This bag is awesome. Every time I see it it reminds me of those sturdy, wonderfully embroidered, earthy bags that you can find all over India.

The two decorative panels in the front of this bag are crocheted silk, and the green body of the bag is made from hemp.

This is a great bag you can use every day, for every thing, and it’s not going to fall apart. And with the floral design and green body, it’s perfect for Spring!

Last Word…

We’ve got some really creative bags and other accessories available right now. The creativity and craftsmanship of our artisans is simply amazing, and I love knowing that all these bags were made by women, for women.

That’s what’s so amazing about fair trade products. You get a product you love, and in turn, you’re helping lift someone else out of poverty and enable them to live a better life.

Buying fair trade is definitely rewarding for everyone involved!

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