What You Need To Know About Fair Trade Wine

Many people haven’t heard of fair trade wine. I consider myself to be pretty “fair trade” savvy, but even I didn’t know about it until a few weeks ago!

As you can imagine, however, I was thrilled to learn about it, especially since fair trade wine is still fairly new here in the States.

How big is fair trade wine?

Well, retailing magazine Off License News reports that even with the recession, fair trade wine sales have increased over 89% in the UK since last year. Here in the States fair trade wine is still in its infancy, but like everything else fair trade, its reputation is growing.

Why Fair Trade Wine?

Most wines are expensive enough as it is. Why should we pay a bit more for fair trade wine?

First, fair trade wine is usually the same price as their non-fair trade counterparts. So, you don’t really end up paying more for it. A good example is Etica Wines. Their fair trade wine is priced $9-$13 per bottle. That’s pretty affordable for a great bottle of wine.

Second, it’s important to drink fair trade wine because it means the grapes were grown and harvested by people who were paid a fair wage for their efforts. This is especially important when wine is grown in countries like Chile, Argentina, and South Africa. These fair wages create a ripple effect in local communities, bringing positive change to entire villages.

When you support fair trade wineries you’re also helping support the elimination of forced child labor. Fair trade wineries are expressly forbidden from using child workers.

Fair trade wineries are also forbidden from using harmful agrochemicals. They use sustainable farming methods, which are much gentler on the Earth.

What to Look For In Fair Trade Wine

When you go to buy a fair trade wine, make sure it’s certified by TransFair USA. This organization is responsible for certifying all fair trade products in the US.

The logo on the right will be featured somewhere on the bottle if it’s truly a fair trade wine.

Fair Trade Wines To Look For…

Here are some great wineries currently making fair trade wines:

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