How To Put Together A Fair Trade Easter Basket

When you look at the typical Easter basket here’s what you see: plastic grass, plastic eggs, plastic toys, and lots of lots of candy. Not very eco-friendly!

We can, however, make Easter baskets for our friends and family that ARE kind to the environment. I’m talking about the trend this year of making earth-friendly, fair-trade Easter baskets.

Making a Fair Trade Easter Basket

Making a fair trade easter basket isn’t hard or expensive to do. Ok, it’s probably going to cost more than those plastic-ladened baskets that Wal-Mart sells for $9.99. But, the quality is going to be about 1,000% better, and your conscience won’t be bother you. So, I think it’s worth it!

1. Buy Fair Trade Candy

You can get fair trade chocolate almost anywhere these days. Major chains like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s stock them, and most smaller natural health food stores will have some as well.

My favorite fair trade chocolate is Shaman Organic Chocolates. The profits earned by this company help support the Huichol people in South America. Shaman Chocolates has helped build schools and roads for these villages, and have even sent some girls to college through scholarships.

And I have to tell you, the chocolate is amazing. Please just do me a favor and order the Dark Chocolate with Green Tea and Ginger. It’s like a holy experience and you will not be sorry.

2. Add Fair Trade Gifts

Image Courtesy Inca Kids

Many people like to just do candy in their Easter baskets. Others like to go all out with presents. If you’re putting together a basket for kids, then head over to Inca Kids. They have a wonderful selection of fair trade toys.

You might also want to check out O’Bon. O’Bon makes eco-friendly school supplies, but in fun colors and designs that kids love.

I’ve used them, and they’re amazing! Their pencils are made from recycled newspapers, and their notebooks from banana pulp.

3. Choose an Eco-Friendly Basket or Container

Who said an Easter Basket has to be a basket?

You could put your fair trade goodies into one of our fair trade hemp backpacks. These hemp backpacks are super strong and work great for toting books around.

You could also consider putting your fair trade goodies into a picnic basket or something else you’re likely to reuse throughout the year.

4. Go With Natural Grass

Traditional plastic green grass will never decompose. So, why not go natural? You could use shredded paper, moss, or even colored construction paper.

5. Make Your Own Eggs

Why not skip the plastic eggs this year and make your own paper mache Easter Eggs for hunting? Kids love projects like this, and it would be a very fun way to get the more involved in the festivities.

Last Word…

It’s fairly easy to make a fair trade Easter basket. Yes, it does take a little extra work than just hitting Rite-Aid or Wal-Mart on your way home from work. But when you purchase fair trade products you’re doing much more than just giving your friends and family quality goodies. You’re helping support entire communities that really need the money they earn from your sale.

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