Is Organic Cotton Worth It?

There’s no doubt that organic cotton has been getting some great press lately. Major retailers, including clothing giant American Apparel, now use organic clothing on a regular basis. And, the Organic Trade Association reports that organic cotton production here in the US grew by 26% last year.
But many people still aren’t sure why they should [...]

Eco Fashion Has Arrived

Say the words “eco fashion” to some people and they immediately pictures shapeless organic cotton t-shirts, uncomfortable bamboo shorts, and Birkenstocks. While you’re at it, you could also throw in some stinky armpits and dirty nails.
Well, that might have been the eco-fashion of the early ’90s. But today’s eco fashion is so sleek that you [...]

Buying Fair Trade Toys

Here at Earth Divas, we love promoting and supporting fair trade because we get to see, first hand, how much of a difference it makes in the lives of our artisans. But, we also like to support other fair trade companies too, especially those selling fair trade toys.
Many parents don’t think about buying their kids [...]

Why You Should Care About Fair Trade Coffee

I love fair trade coffee. In fact, love might be a mild understatement. I cherish coffee. To me, waking up to a hot cup of coffee is the most pleasant way to start the day.
I bought regular coffee for years. But once I began to realize how much my buying choices were really affecting the [...]