Eco-Fabby Sweats From LivGrn

Image Courtesy LivGrn

Eco-fashion has really taken off lately. From hemp bags to bamboo socks to recycled ball gowns, it’s getting easier and easier to find repurposed, recycled, and sustainable clothing.

The problem, at least for me, is that it’s sometimes hard to find eco-friendly clothing that really and truly looks lived in. You know, the type of clothes you wear on rainy Sunday afternoons. The cozy-but-still-fashionable sweats, the skin-soft tees…these are the clothes I love wearing around the house.

Anyway, I really haven’t found an eco-clothing line that was affordable but still fit the fashionable-but-cozy criteria I wanted. Until today, when I discovered LivGrn.

LivGrn makes fashionable, comfortable eco-friendly clothing. The style is clean, fresh and modern, and perfect for hitting the gym, running errands or lazing around the house.

LivGrn’s line of clothing is green on several different levels.

  • First, everything is made using organic cotton.
  • Second, 10% of each sale goes to fund Global Green, a non-profit started by Brad Pitt, Cameran Diaz, and Leonardo di Caprio.
  • Third, everything is manufactured right here in the U.S, leaving behind a very small carbon footprint.

What stands out about LivGrn is that they focus on fashion and sustainability equally. They know people want to help the environment, but they also want to look good too.

I love this line, and am definitely going to order a few pieces to try out. They look great and hip, and they definitely look as if they’d be uber-comfortable wearing around the house this summer.

What do you guys think? Are you digging this line? I’d love to hear!

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