The Women We Work With…

It’s so easy to forget how lucky we have it here in the United States. Here, women can be anyone and anything they want to be. We live in a free country where we’re only limited by our imagination. And it’s amazing to see some of the things we’ve accomplished.

Unfortunately, the entire world doesn’t have the same opportunities we have here.

In the rural areas of India and Nepal, where our artisans live, women have very limited choices in what they can do. A large majority of women live at or below the poverty line. They can work in factories (for slave wages), on a farm (doing backbreaking labor), or stay at home. The idea of having a good, safe job that pays well is completely foreign.

This is why we’re so grateful to be able to offer these women the opportunity to live a better life. Because we can offer them fair trade wages for the lovely bags, hats and scarves they make for us, these women can afford to live a vastly better life than they had before. They have money to send their children to better schools, or go to school themselves. They, and their families, eat higher quality food. They can afford warmer clothing, and heat for their homes.

I wanted to take just a minute today to highlight some of the amazing women we get to work with on a regular basis.

The Earth Divas’ Artisans…

1. Sabina Tamang

Sabina is an 18 year-old woman living in the Dhading District of Nepal. She is unmarried, and has only been working with Earth Divas for about 4 months.

In her words…

I have just started to get a hang of my job and the tricks of the trade. I feel that by the next year I will be able to do all the work by myself with no guidance.

2. Rukmani K C

Rukmani is 25 and lives in Naikap, in Nepal.

Right now Rukmani works 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. She’s going to school at night.

In her words…

I am very happy and satisfied with my work now. It was difficult working in the beginning but now it’s easy to work. I work as per the details that are provided to me. I work during the day and study at night.

3. Shova Bhandari

Shova is 25 and lives in the Tanahun District of Nepal.

She is married and has two young daughters. Her husband is in the Nepalese army. She’s been working with us here at Earth Divas for one year.

In her words…

I have two daughters studying in fifth and sixth grade. They are now big enough to take care of themselves thus its easer now for me to concentrate solely on my work. I love what I do and it helps me keep my mind and body occupied and busy.

Last Word…

I wish I could highlight every single woman we get to work with. They’re all amazing, and they face challenges every day that is hard for me to even conceptualize. And yet their spirit keeps fighting for a better life, and a better opportunity, for them and their families.

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