Awesome Accessories That Support A Worthy Cause

Don’t you love accessories? I sure do. I once read a quote attributed to an editor at Vogue during the 1950s. She said that accessories were the way we told our personal story. And I think she’s right. Accessories, more than anything else, give the world clues about who we are and what we believe in.

This is why choosing accessories that support a great cause is so worthwhile. When we do this we not only get wonderful pieces that show off our unique personality, but we also get conversation starters we can use to engage with others and spread awareness about something we believe in.

I wanted to highlight a few of my personal favorites for all of you. These accessories are not only super cool, but they also help support worthy causes.

1. Bop Bijoux Bracelets From Mali

The Bop Bijoux Bracelets, shown on the upper right, are made with recycled rubber by women in Mail.

Every six bracelets provides enough money to give one child a full day’s care at Empire des Enfants, a home for orphaned children.

These bracelets not only help fund the orphanage, but they also provide women in Mali with a safe way to earn money to support themselves and their family.

Bracelets come in sets of 18, and sell for $32. You can purchase them from ShopBop here. You can also read the write up from Lucky Magazine here.

2. Wakami 8-Strand Earth Bracelet

This amazing 8-layer bracelet is created by women in Guatemala. It tells their story of creation.

According to the tale, when earth was created, it felt cold and dark. To remedy this, a sun was attached. But when the earth was resting it became dark again, so the earth was given the stars to light up the night. Then the earth began to get dry and breathless, so water and air were created. Although the earth was beautiful, nothing would grow no it. It felt sterile and needed life.

So the earth was given trees and plants. While this made the earth happier, it still felt that something was missing. For the earth’s pleasure, animals were created – animals that could live in the sea, and on the land. Earth enjoyed this, but still felt it was lacking something, and was in need of nurturing. So people were created. Now the earth felt nearly complete, but there was no connection between the trees, plants, animals, people, sun, stars, water, wind, and the earth. Then love was created, allowing everything to become one, and to finally feel connected.

Every purchase of a Wakami bracelet helps preserve 2,290 s.f. of rainforest through The Rainforest Site. It also helps support the women of Guatemala, giving them income they so desperately need.

The Wakami 8-Strand Earth Bracelet sells for $24.95, and you can purchase it here.

3. Vintage Teak and Turquoise Earrings

These lovely earrings are made using reclaimed teak by artist Elissa Tree.

What’s the positive impact when you buy them?

Well, 100% of the profits from these earrings helps support Trilliam Artisans, a non-profit organization in Portland, OR. This organizations helps support low-income crafters that use a minimum of 50% recycled or reclaimed materials.

These vintage teak and turquoise earrings sell for $24, and you can purchase them through eBay’s World of Good site here.

Last Word…

I love buying anything that supports a great cause! It makes me feel like everyone wins.

If you’re interested, you can also take a look at our jewelry over at Earth Divas. All our jewelry is fair trade, and handmade by women primarily in Nepal and India. All of it is super cool, and it’s definitely supporting a worthy cause!

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