Eco-Fashion Blog Profile: greenLAgirl

greenLAgirl blogs about eco-fashion, like this cute wristlet made from tires

You know what it’s like to find an eco-living blog, and you love it so much that you fall in and don’t emerge for hours?

It’s probably happened to most people once or twice. Well, it happened to me the other day when I discovered greenLAgirl’s blog. The blog focuses on fair trade, eco fashion, and green living. And, it’s fabulous.

Siel, the woman who created the blog back in 2005, has written for NPR, MNN, SELF, GOOD, and many other publications. She covers everything from fair trade food and clothing, to green living tips, to eco-fashion designers. She also does green product reviews.

Some of my favorite posts include how to recycle your bras, how to edit your closet in one year, and Eco-Regretsies: When Good Green Goals Get Ugly. That last post will make you laugh out loud if you’ve ever tried to accomplish a green goal, only to have it turn out horribly, horribly wrong.

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know about this great blog because, well, I found it and loved it, and thought you might too. So, give Siel’s blog a look! It’s definitely worth your time.

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