Eco Friendly Shopping Bags That You’ll WANT To Carry Around

So, hopefully by now most of us are carrying reusable shopping bags to the store. Even in rural areas I’ve started seeing people carrying their bags in, which is awesome news.

The only downside is that a lot of the reusable bags out there are just downright ugly. And, I can’t understand why. After all, we’re more apt to remember to carry the bags in the first place if they look cool. So it makes sense to actually put a little thought in designing reusable shopping bags.

I wanted to take some time today to highlight some really cool, eco friendly totes. And, these are so cool you want want to leave them at home when you go out shopping…

1. Make Love, Not Trash

Image courtesy Make Love, Not Trash

I love this comic strip grocery tote from Make Love, Not Trash. It’s hip, and would look awesome hanging on the wall in my kitchen because it looks like a work of art.

Now, for a reusable shopping bag this one is kind of pricey, coming in at $37.99. But there’s a good reason why it’s so much.

Make Love, Not Trash donates their proceeds to various environmental causes. So basically when you shop with them, you’re making a donation and getting an awesome bag in return.

The company is based out in CA, and just installed about $100,000 in solar panels to lower their footprint even further.

What’s not to love about this company?

If you’d like to give Make Love, Not Trash a look, check them out here.

2. Blue Q Shopping Totes

Image courtesy Blue Q

I love Blue Q’s reusable bags. I have the one pictured here, the World Shopper. Know where  I keep it?

Hanging on the front of the door in my kitchen (it holds all my other, less attractive reusable shopping bags).

The great thing about the Blue Q bags is that they’re cheap, retailing for around $12.

Another great thing is that they’re super sturdy. You wouldn’t believe the stuff I’ve crammed into this tote, and it’s held up extremely well.

3. Beau Soleil Canvas Shopping Bag

I. Love. This. Bag.

Take a look at it in all its glory.

Image courtesy Beau Soleil

Doesn’t it look kind of like it was made of old sails? Or some old post bag?

Want to know something else amazing? This super-stylish bag is only $55. Beau Soleil says they’ve kept the price down in order to encourage more people to buy (and use less plastic as a result).

Last Word…

I know it’s easy to forget our shopping bags when we head out to the store, especially if they’re stuffed in the pantry. But this is why I think it really pays to spend more on one really, stylish well-made bag. That way we’re more apt to remember our bags because we’ll want to carry it around. And you could do what I do: stuff your ugly bags inside your stylish one, and hang it up in the kitchen!

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2 Responses to “Eco Friendly Shopping Bags That You’ll WANT To Carry Around”

  1. Making handbags out of trash..Thoughtful.. I’d like to try it out of Magazine covers…Or candy wrappers. That’s really smart!! Not only would one be saving the earth by recycling, Also starting new trends with “one-of-a kinds” MY KIND OF THING!!!!

    Loving the comic strip bag!!!