Cool, Eco-Friendly Jeans

So earlier this week I posted about the environmental impact of our jeans. I hadn’t known how very bad our denim could be on the environment, but after researching and writing that post, I sure know now. I love my jeans, but I’m sure going to think twice before I buy a brand new pair.

Today I want to highlight some brands that are making super cool, eco-friendly jeans. And I mean it when I say cool; gone are the days when we were forced to buy shapeless jeans that added 10 lbs. to our figure.

Today’s eco-jeans are the height of cool.

1. Good Society Eco Jeans

Courtesy Good Society

Good Society uses organic cotton from independent farmers in India. They practice fair trade, and ensure that none of their workers are exploited in any way.

They also use their proceeds to help non-profit initiatives, mainly giving to an organization that helps Nepalese women and children escape and recover from human trafficking. They’re also closely involved with an organization in Northern India

I love this company because their values so closely mirror ours here at Earth Divas. And you can’t deny their jeans are awesome.

2. Loomstate Eco Jeans

Image courtesy Loomstate

Loomstate has a wonderful collection of 100% organic skinnies. The company requires that every vendor in their manufacturing process adhere to strict standards in terms of fair labor and environmental practices.

3. U Jeans Eco Jeans

Image courtesy UJeans

How many times have you bought a pair of jeans that missed the mark when it came to that “perfect fit”? For me, it’s happened plenty of times.

Which is why I would lovelovelove to try out UJeans. UJeans let you design your jeans based on your specific measurements. You create the fit you want (using a tailor tape and their design book); in return, you get jeans that were made for you and you alone.


UJeans is also committed to making environmentally friendly jeans, and using socially responsible business practices. They use cotton sourced from Pakistan Sustainable Cotton Initiative, they use fair trade labor, and they use environmentally friendly washing and dying processes. Here’s how:

All dying processes have some impact on the environment. However using natural minerals and enzymes is a safe and more environmentally responsible method for colouring our jeans. Our colouring process is free of harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach, formaldehyde and azo.

Last Word…

I know it might not seem like much, but we can make a difference simply by changing our shopping habits. Go with used first. If you really want something new, then shop with companies who are trying to minimize their impact on the earth and benefit humanity as a whole. The more we can support companies who are trying to make a difference, the more difference we’ll start to see in the world.

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