Our Love Affair With Hemp

If you’ve browsed through any of our bags, you’ve probably noticed that the large majority of them are made with hemp.

What’s our obsession with hemp?

Well, we’ve chosen to work with hemp for several reasons.

1. Hemp is sustainable

Hemp is a crop that’s grown widely around the world (except here in the US).

It’s sustainable because it doesn’t require the copious amount of pesticides and fertilizer that cotton does. Over 50% of the world’s pesticides and fertilizers are dumped on that one crop.

Hemp doesn’t need all those chemicals.

2. Hemp is Versatile

Cotton is very finicky. I know, because my family grows it in Louisiana. You have to nurse it, and talk to it, and sing to it on balmy nights to get a good crop. If you sneeze while the bowls are forming in late summer, you’ve lost your entire crop.

All kidding aside, cotton is notoriously hard to grow. And, it only grows in very select climates.

Hemp, on the other hand, grows just about anywhere. And it grows fast.

3. Hemp is Good for the Environment

Cotton is like a parasitic plant. It pulls an enormous amount of nutrients from the soil (which is why it needs so much fertilizer).

Hemp is the exact opposite. Hemp replenishes the soil with nutrients.

It also pulls toxins from the ground. Hemp has long been used as a soil purifier, especially around toxic sites.

4. Hemp is Stronger

Hemp fiber is stronger than cotton. It also blocks far more UV rays (which means clothing and bags won’t fade near as fast in the sun) and resists mildew much more so than cotton.

This is Why We Love Hemp

We could keep going, of course. We could write several posts on the amazing benefits of hemp. But these are just a few of the reasons why we chose to make our bags out of hemp instead of regular cotton. It just made more sense economically, environmentally, and socially.

The more we work with this amazing plant and fabric, the more we keep falling in love with it! It’s just as versatile and beautiful as cotton, but without any of the negative environmental impacts.

Three cheers for hemp!

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4 Responses to “Our Love Affair With Hemp”

  1. Great bags! (and great informative article about hemp!)

    Hemp, stylish, and priced just right!

    When you start dropshipping, I will surely add these to my site. Go hemp!

  2. I am suggesting the hemp bag that has part number KAS-02-wht as the bag to be given away at crazy coupon momma and if I am doing this wrong I apoligize. Your bags look very appealing to purchase.

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  4. 1hewlett…