Blog Profile: Eco Fashion World

Image courtesy EcoFashionWorld

I’m always amazed at the wonderful eco fashion blogs that are out there. These writers are so inspirational, and the designers and eco fabrics they highlight are a continual source of ideas for us here at Earth Divas.

I wanted to highlight one of my favorite eco fashion blogs: Eco Fashion World.

Why is this blog so great?

Let me count the ways…

Image courtesy Eco Fashion World

First, Eco Fashion World stands out because they showcase international eco designers and stores. This means we get to see all the gorgeous eco fashion designs coming out of Paris, Milan, Toronto, Amsterdam…it’s amazing to see what everyone is doing.

The photographs are also stunning. And yet, Eco Fashion World stands out, I think, because the photos are accessible to regular people (translation: me).

You know when you flip through the pages of a magazine like Vogue? The photographs are beautiful, of course, and some of them are very stylized. But to me, they also keep you at arms length from the clothing. They’re not quite…comfortable.

Eco Fashion World bridges this gap. Their fashion photographs are gorgeous yet inviting. You can actually see yourself wearing these amazing, sustainable clothes. I really like that.

Millican bag

They also have some really interesting articles on the site.

For instance, they let the owner of Millican, an eco-friendly travel bag company, write a profile about what it’s really like to run a sustainable business. The choices owner Jorrit Jorritsma and his wife, Nicky, have to make are not easy sometimes.

Should they work with manufacturers in China with an excellent track record with fair labor practices and organic materials, or choose someone locally with a poorer record?

It’s articles like this that make me really love Eco Fashion World. They haven’t settled with just putting up beautiful fashion photos and news. They have a sincere desire to look at what eco fashion and sustainability really means. And they’re willing to get to the root of these important issues.

Want to give them a look? Head over here to visit Eco Fashion World’s site

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3 Responses to “Blog Profile: Eco Fashion World”

  1. Ahh! I love it all! So glad they make cool eco friendly clothes! You no longer have to sacrifice your personal style to do right for the world!

  2. @Linda- I know! It’s amazing how many options we have compared to just a few years ago. Proof positive that awareness really is growing. :) Thanks so much for writing in!

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