Blog Profile: Greenola Style

I love talking about other fair trade retailers. Here at Earth Divas we definitely feel that the more we promote people who are doing good, the better all of us are.
Well, Greenola is definitely a business that’s doing good.
What Greenola Does…
Greenola distributes wonderful fair trade wraps, scarves, bags and jewelry. Take a look:

Gorgeous, right? I [...]

Natural Fibers Vs. Synthetic Fibers

Yep, folks, we’re about to watch Round One here. Natural Fibers and Synthetic Fibers are going to duke it out in the blogging ring.
Who’s going to win?
Well, we’ll know in a bit, so place your bets.
Natural Vs. Synthetic…Round One
So, in one corner we have Natural Fiber. Natural Fiber has a lot of great things going [...]