An Update from India

So, I finally got an update from Ed, the owner of Earth Divas, who is travelling through India and Nepal right now meeting with new vendors and coming up with some really exciting new bags. I can’t wait until we get these made and up on the site for all of you to see!
Today he’s [...]

Stella McCartney’s Sustainable Style

Did you know that Stella McCartney is one of the fashion world’s most conscience-driven designers?
She is.
The strides she and her firm have taken to lesson their impact on the environment are truly remarkable, and I wanted to highlight her today simply because I find her to be an incredibly inspiring, and talented, person.
She was also [...]

Emma Watson’s New Fair Trade Clothing Line

Ok, so I’m not afraid to admit I love the Harry Potter series. I’ve read all the books more times than I can count, and although I can’t say the movie series inspired as much loyalty in my heart, I can say that I thought the actors and actresses did a decent job portraying their [...]

Eat, Pray, Love Giving a Boost to Fair Trade Fashion

Have you guys seen the new movie “Eat, Pray, Love”, with Julia Roberts yet?
I’m currently reading the book (which is fabulous) and I’m going to go see the movie this weekend. The reason why I’m writing about it here on the blog, however, is that apparently Julia Roberts has some great Fair Trade accesories in [...]

How to Buy Conflict-Free Diamonds

Did you know that the United States buys more diamonds than the rest of the world’s countries combined?
Yep. We buy over $25 billion worth of diamonds every year.
The problem is that many diamonds are mined in war zones (like many African countries, where 2/3 of the world’s diamonds are produced). The money taken in from [...]

The Skinny on Leather

Many people don’t think twice about buying leather shoes, leather handbags, leather jackets and leather belts. Leather’s everywhere, and it’s easy to let this material slip into our closets without giving it a second thought.
But, we really should be giving leather a second thought. Why?
Because leather is really, really bad for the environment.
First, let’s start [...]

New Organic Hospital Gowns for Moms-to-Be

There are many uncomfortable things about labor…the excruciating pain being one of them. But, let’s not forget the classic “hospital gown”. You know, they tie in the back and basically expose you to the rest of the ward you’re in. Plus, those gowns, in order to be sterile, are washed in very harsh chemicals.
Hospital gowns [...]

Fair Trade Artisans Feel the Pinch of Recession

I know that many of us have been feeling the pinch of the recession lately. But it’s easy to forget that there is an entire world out there, full of people who are also being affected.
One group who are feeling the effects of the global downturn are fair trade artisans.
What’s happened that as the recession [...]

Turning Textile Waste Into Fashion

Did you know that the average textile factory throws away over 60,000 lbs. of usable textile waste every year?
I know, I almost fell over. But EcoTerra ran a wonderful article on textile waste August 2, and it really opened my eyes up to just how wasteful large textile factories really are. Even Treehugger reports that [...]

Why It’s Worth It to Buy Organic Baby Clothes

If you’ve just had a baby, or you’re about to, then you might be a little shell shocked at how much everything costs. So why, might you ask, would you even think about spending more money on baby clothes by buying organic?
Well, there are some really compelling reasons for investing in organic baby clothes.
1. Your [...]