Why It’s Worth It to Buy Organic Baby Clothes

If you’ve just had a baby, or you’re about to, then you might be a little shell shocked at how much everything costs. So why, might you ask, would you even think about spending more money on baby clothes by buying organic?

Well, there are some really compelling reasons for investing in organic baby clothes.

1. Your Baby’s Health

Did you know that cotton is considered the world’s “dirtiest” crop?

Yep. It’s because this finicky plant requires more pesticides and fertilizer than any other crop we grow. More than 25% of the world’s pesticides and 16% of the world’s insecticides get dumped on this one crop.

For instance, for every pair of jeans and t-shirt produced, more than 1 lb. of chemicals was dumped to help that cotton grow. Yikes.

Many cotton garments are also treated with flame retardant chemicals when they go through processing.

So what does this have to do with your baby?

Well, most baby clothes and blankets are made with, you guessed it, cotton. Many parents don’t know this, but a baby’s skin is more porous than our adult skin. They’re far more sensitive to chemicals and harsh substances than we are, because they’re far more likely to absorb these substances through their skin.

Spending more on organic baby clothes means you’re not exposing your baby to these harsh chemicals and insecticides, especially at this crucial age when they can be impacted in such a negative way from these substances.

2. Organic Baby Clothes Just Last Longer

Most cotton garments start to break down after 20 washes.

Organic cotton garments are strong because they’ve gone through signifantly less processing that regular garments. Generally they start to break down after 100 washes.

So, you’re going to get more mileage out of organic cotton clothing.

If you’re a parent planning on having multiple children, then this investment will truly add up because you can save them to hand down to your next child.

3. Organic Baby Clothes are Green

Organic baby clothes have a much smaller carbon footprint than regular baby clothes. And chances are they’re made using fair labor.

When you purchase organic baby clothes you’re helping reduce your own footprint. And if the clothing is fair trade made, you’re also helping improve the lives of others around the world. This is a great feeling!

Last Word…

I know that it’s easy to spend a fortune on baby things. But investing in organic clothing, blankets and toys is one area that will really pay off. You’ll be keeping your baby away from harmful chemicals that might impact her long-term health, and getting more mileage out of your clothing because they’re simply made better.

For many parents, that longevity and peace of mind is worth the extra investment!

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  2. Absolutely true, great post. Moreover they provide better comfort at a best rate.

  3. Nice information, organic baby clothes are made from chemically free material and designed in such a way that they give better comfort and at economically reasonable rate.

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