New Organic Hospital Gowns for Moms-to-Be

There are many uncomfortable things about labor…the excruciating pain being one of them. But, let’s not forget the classic “hospital gown”. You know, they tie in the back and basically expose you to the rest of the ward you’re in. Plus, those gowns, in order to be sterile, are washed in very harsh chemicals.

Hospital gowns are uncomfortable. And they make all of us, no matter how young or old we are, feel naked and ridiculous. This is not a great feeling when we’re trying to concentrate on having a baby.

Well, the days of wearing funky old hospitals gowns during labor are a thing of the past.

Today I stumbled onto a feature article from ecofabulous. And, I freaked.

Why? Because they featured a little company called Hot Mama Gowns. This company is making fashionable hospital gowns for pregnant and nursing mothers.

The best part? Hot Mama’s gowns are organic and are made with natural or low-impact dyes. Take a look.

As soon as I saw this I couldn’t wait to get them up here on the blog. I mean, it’s genius. We all hate traditional hospital gowns. And yet, why has no one ever thought of this before? It’s brilliant!

The biggest perk of Hot Mama’s gowns is that they snap up the back. Which means you’re “assets” aren’t exposed for the entire hospital to see. If you have to walk around while you’re in labor to get things going, you’ll appreciate being covered up.

The front also has two ribbon tie panels which makes nursing a breeze when your little one finally arrives.

Plus, they’re just a treat for the eyes. I know I’d feel a bit more like myself if I was wearing one of these versus the ugly gowns most hospitals give out.

Want to give them a look? Head over to Hot Mama Gowns to check them out. And thanks to ecofabulous for featuring this awesome company! I never would have known about them.

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