Emma Watson’s New Fair Trade Clothing Line

Ok, so I’m not afraid to admit I love the Harry Potter series. I’ve read all the books more times than I can count, and although I can’t say the movie series inspired as much loyalty in my heart, I can say that I thought the actors and actresses did a decent job portraying their characters.

Emma Watson, the actress who played Hermione in the movie, was definitely my favorite. And I was super excited to learn that she teamed up with People Tree clothing to create a trendy, fair trade clothing line for the younger generation.

Take a look:

I wish I could show you pictures of Emma’s actual clothing, but they’re protected so you’ll have to head over to People Tree to check them out yourself.

The style is trendy and fun, however…blending a slight ’80s cut with more modern lines to create a simple yet graceful look. Other pieces, like some of her tops, are very bohemian eco-chic, which I whole-heartedly love.

All of Emma’s clothing is fair trade, and uses 80% fair trade cotton.

And the best news?

Alot of the line is on sale right now as Watson and People Tree get ready to roll out their fall collection. So if you’d like to snag a beautiful fair trade dress or tunic, now’s the time!

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2 Responses to “Emma Watson’s New Fair Trade Clothing Line”

  1. [...] a few months ago I did a post on Emma Watson’s awesome fair trade, organic clothing line with People Tree. The style is fresh and, best of all, the fabric is organic and fairly [...]

  2. My name is Michael Bayouth and I am a designer. I have an original idea for Emma Watson’s line of organic clothing. I don’t know how to find her people so it can be presented to her. The concept is solid and the logo is already designed and ready to go. It is what many friends believe to be a very important mark that could become a effective handle to raise awareness in the organic clothing world. My portfolio site is at http://www.bayouth.com Any help in getting this note to her people or her would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
    - Michael