An Update from India

So, I finally got an update from Ed, the owner of Earth Divas, who is travelling through India and Nepal right now meeting with new vendors and coming up with some really exciting new bags. I can’t wait until we get these made and up on the site for all of you to see!

Today he’s meeting with a small vendor, SpeedTrust, in Chennai. This vendor is operated by a husband and wife team. They’re making a huge difference in the lives of Mumbai children, and I’m going to be profiling their amazing little company later this week.

Today I just wanted to give you all some eye candy to look at. These images are some of the artisans that Earth Divas will be working with. They’re not only beautiful to look at, but they give an accurate reflection of what life is truly like in a Mumbai slum.

Take a peek…

Again, I’ll be doing a post on SpeedTrust later this week; this little organization is so amazing, and I can’t wait to tell all of you what they’re doing. So stay tuned!

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2 Responses to “An Update from India”

  1. Absolutely beautiful. These women are lovely and it’s such a blessing to know that Ed is making a difference in their lives and that we can all make a difference by purchasing products through you! I love it….your products are awesome and all the more reason to buy more when I see these amazing artisans :) Thanks for sharing the photos!

  2. [...] of the gems he’s found on his travels is SPEEDTrust. I mentioned them briefly last week in my Update from India post, but I wanted to talk about them in a bit more detail today because what they’re doing [...]