H&M’s New Ultra-Low Prices…Not Such a Good Thing

So, you regular readers know I’ve written a few times about H&M. I’ve had a beef with this company before (most notably because of the outrageous waste they engaged in at their NY location, destroying and throwing out perfectly good clothing instead of donating it)…but that’s beside the point.
I now have a new grievance against [...]

How to Buy Fabulous Vintage Clothes

A few months ago I wrote a post about how to be a savvy thrift store shopper. I love shopping at thrift stores for my clothing, and almost everything currently hanging in my closet I bought used.
But thrift store shopping and vintage clothing shopping are two entirely different activities. Yes, you can merge the two, [...]

LooptWorks: Clothing From Textile Waste

In 2006, Americans generated 11.8 tons of textile waste. That’s 10 lbs. per person.
Well today I saw this company, LooptWorks, featured on EcoFabulous and I had to tell you about them because they’re so cool.
What are they doing?
They’re an eco fashion clothing company that makes 100% of their clothing and gear from textile waste.
Let me [...]

Newspaper-Inspired Fashion for a Good Cause

When it comes to handmade products, you can’t get much better than recycled newspaper clothing.
Think I’m kidding?
I’m not. And the picture above proves it.
Purina, owner of Yesterday’s News Cat Litter (an eco-friendly cat litter made out of recycled newspaper) sponsored a really cool contest. They challenged four eco fashion designers to create some uber-cool outfits [...]

How to Create an Eco-Friendly, Seasonless Wardrobe

Have you ever heard of seasonless clothing? Seasonless clothing is where you pair your favorite summer clothes with fall essential to extend their life well into the winter.
For instance, you could pair fair trade bags with a summer dress and tall, neutral colored boots. Throw a chunky, short sleeved sweater on your shoulders and you’re [...]

Creative Things To Do With Your Old Jeans

If you have a closet of old jeans, you might be wondering what to do with them. Sure, you can donate them that’s easy enough. But what else?
Since most of us are obsessed with jeans (myself included) I thought I’d compile a list of fun, creative things we can do with our old jeans. These [...]

Stella McCartney’s New Kids Line

Ok, so eco-fashion designer Stella McCartney is at it again! She just revealed to Vogue UK that’s she’s created a kids line, full of fun and (gasp!) affordable clothing for kids. It’s called Stella McCartney Kids.
And the best news?
Just like her ethical clothing line, her kids line will be ethically made.
It’s going to feature practical clothing [...]

Suno NY Boasts Fair Trade Fabrics During Fashion Week

I love highlighting eco fashion designers. Eco fashion has the potential to change lives on a very personal level, which is why all of us here at Earth Divas love what we do so much!
Today I wanted to highlight a designer that’s making a big splash during Fashion Week in New York. The lable is [...]

New York’s Fashion Week: Going Green

So, Fashion Week has officially started in New York City. And if you’re a fan of eco fashion, then you won’t want to miss some of the innovative and sustainable designs that will be hitting the runways this week.
Like, for instance, One Little Black Dress. The designer, Eliza Starbuck, has created a dress under her [...]

Awesome Green Fashion Blog: New Dress a Day

If you love handmade products you’re going to love this. I found a blog yesterday that I’m simply in love with.
It’s called New Dress a Day. The tagline: 365 Days. 365 New Outfits. 365 Dollars.
What’s it about? It’s about one girl’s quest to spend $1 per day on a used piece of clothing that no [...]