New York’s Best Vintage Clothing Store. Ever.

Image courtesy Beacon's Closet

So, I just got back from an amazing trip to New York. And I can now personally attest that when people say that New York is the fashion capital of the world, they’re not kidding.

Remember the post I wrote a few weeks ago about eco-designer Stella McCartney? Well, the hotel we stayed at was only a few blocks from her boutique in the meat-packing district! It was really incredible to see her window displays first-hand.

The best thing about New York was all the used clothing stores there were, especially in Williamsburg, in Brooklyn. The best, hands down, was Beacon’s Closet, an independently owned Mecca of used clothing.

This place was Incredible, yes, with a capital “I”. It was a gigantic space full of really unique (and completely affordable!) vintage clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, and sunglasses. They also carried an amazing array of both large and upcoming designers. These clothes were kind of clothes you can really only get in New York City.

I had fully resolved to take pictures of this place to show all of you, but when I went through the doors I started hyperventilating and all thoughts of picture taking were pushed out of my mind for the remainder of the afternoon. I dove in, elbows deep in amazing clothing, and never looked back.

The great thing about Beacon’s Closet is that they pay all their employees a living wage (so, no minimum wage here!) and provide them all with health insurance.

For that reason alone I would give them my love.

Beacon’s has been featured in some incredible publications: Lucky Magazine, the New York Times, Time Out New York, Vanity Fair…the list goes on. The reason is because their selection is just the best I have ever seen. I got a sack full of really cool designer clothing, all gently used, for $60.

This place is worth a trip to New York just by itself. Seriously. If you’re going to the city then do not miss this place. Don’t waste your time on Fifth Avenue, which is packed with tourists and full of outrageously overpriced clothing.

Beacon’s is a better, saner choice because they’re eco-friendly, and because they provide us with used clothing without sacrificing cost or style. And it’s in Williamsburg, which is worth the trip as well.

Beacon’s also has a limited selection of their used clothing for sale online. But this is a drop in the bucket compared to what’s in the store. But still, I’m grateful they have something up!

What about you? Do you guys have a favorite used/vintage store that you can’t live without?

If so, I’d love to hear about it!

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