Stella McCartney’s New Kids Line

Ok, so eco-fashion designer Stella McCartney is at it again! She just revealed to Vogue UK that’s she’s created a kids line, full of fun and (gasp!) affordable clothing for kids. It’s called Stella McCartney Kids.

And the best news?

Just like her ethical clothing line, her kids line will be ethically made.

It’s going to feature practical clothing made with ethical and organic fabrics. And, prices will be much, much lower than her adult styles. Think $26 for a t-shirt, and $150 for a coat. Yes, still pricey for kids’ clothes, but not out of this world.

Here’s what she had to say about her new ethical kids clothing, as quoted in Vogue:

“I feel like all the timeless children’s wear is reserved for the expensive brands and that did not sit well with me, kids and parents, aunts, uncles, friends, should all be able to have access to Stella McCartney Kids clothes.”

How cool is that?

The line is premiering Nov. 3, and right now there are no sneak peeks as to what the line will actually look like (which is why there are no pictures in this post!). You can sign up for a free e-Look Book on her site, which you’ll get one week before the official premier.

I’m really excited to see what these clothes are going to look like. I love Stella’s style, so it’s going to be interesting to see what she does for the little guys and gals of the world. And I love that she keeps pushing the envelope in the eco-fashion world.

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One Response to “Stella McCartney’s New Kids Line”

  1. Seriously, not “out of this world,” for a coat that your kid can’t even wear next year? How much do Stella’s clothes cost to make?