Creative Things To Do With Your Old Jeans

If you have a closet of old jeans, you might be wondering what to do with them. Sure, you can donate them that’s easy enough. But what else?

Since most of us are obsessed with jeans (myself included) I thought I’d compile a list of fun, creative things we can do with our old jeans. These projects are great to do now since the weather is cooling off and most of us are spending more of our time indoors.

1. Make Funky Handbags

It’s fairly easy to turn jeans into cool, eco-friendly handbags. All you need is a sewing machine, a glue gun and an old pair of jeans!

Here’s a cool tutorial on how to do it.

2. Make a Quilt

So how cool is this blue jean quilt?

Blue jean quilt, photo courtesy

I would love to have one of these draped across my bed!

There are several resources on to show you how to make a blue jean quilt.

3. Dress Your Scarecrow

This is a timely craft to do right now! Scarecrows are great to have outdoors for the fall season; if you have an old pair of jeans, plop them on your new straw guy!

4. Make a Tech Pocket

We all have iPods. At least, most of us do. And iPhones. Well, we can use our old jean pockets to make funky tech protectors.

Take a look at this example, from Instructables:

Courtesy Instructables

Want to make one yourself? It’s super easy. You can find instructions over at Instructables.

You can also make this super cool phone protector, shown below…

Courtesy Instructables

This is another fun Instructables project, so head over here for directions on how to make this!

5. Make Denim Coffee Cozies

Hey, there’s no reason to take those cardboard coffee cozies when you get your next latte at the coffee shop. You can make your own out of your old jeans!

Check out this example, from

Image courtesy

Last Word…

There are so many awesome things you can do with your old jeans, and I really only scratched the surface with this post. Do any of you have some fun ideas for repurposing your old jeans? If so I’d love to hear them!

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3 Responses to “Creative Things To Do With Your Old Jeans”

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  2. I love making skirts from old jeans. I have recycled my jeans into skirts ever since the 70’s. Now I sell them on Etsy. Here is my shop address.

    Hope you like them and/ or get some good ideas for your own jeans.

    PS, I love custom work!

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