How to Create an Eco-Friendly, Seasonless Wardrobe

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Have you ever heard of seasonless clothing? Seasonless clothing is where you pair your favorite summer clothes with fall essential to extend their life well into the winter.

For instance, you could pair fair trade bags with a summer dress and tall, neutral colored boots. Throw a chunky, short sleeved sweater on your shoulders and you’re good to go!

I have started doing this with my own wardrobe, especially with dresses and skirts, and am delighted with my new “extended” wardrobe. And it gives my summer favorites an entirely new look when I pair them with different accessories.

Want some tips to create a seasonless wardrobe? Read on!

1. Summer Dresses

As I mentioned just a moment ago, summer dresses are great for wearing in the fall, if you pair them with the right things.

You can pair your summer dresses with tall boots (I have a pair of brown Born riding boots that are fitting the bill), a slouchy eco handbag, and a light jacket. You could also think about wearing a thin sleeve under your dress, depending on the cut.

2. Denim Skirts

Think black with your denim. Black opaque tights, black boots, and a black shirt. Paired with a bright belt to add a splash of color, this look is simple and sleek for fall.

3. Tanks

I love my tanks, and I hate putting them away every fall. But, I’m still wearing them this year! I’ve paired them with open cashmere sweaters. The cashmere is super soft and warm, and the tanks allow me to add some serious color. Paired with a scarf on the really cool days, this is fun to wear around town.

4. White Blazers

So the cardinal rule is that we shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day.

Why not?

I have a white blazer I love. I’m pairing it with dark jeans and boots, and my favorite scarf. To me, it looks great!

5. Fun Summer Fair Trade Bags

Many people put away their bright colored bags when fall rolls around. But you certainly don’t have to. Pair your fun summer fair trade bags with a blazer, jeans and scarf. You’ll be walking your way right into Eat, Pray Love when you do!

6. Summer Flats

A semi-casual flat is a wardrobe essential. You can pair them with jeans for a comfortable, dainty look, but they’re nice enough to pair with a pair of slacks or a skirt.

Flats are seasonless because unless there’s snow or deep puddles outside, you can wear them all year round.


Having a great seasonless wardrobe means not buying clothes that are trendy.

Trends come and go. But true, classic fashion never goes out of style.

Classic fashion doesn’t have to be boring, either. Classics are elegant and timeless. Timeless fashion also shows off you, not your clothes. Big difference.

Also, let your accessories do the decorating for you. Coco Chanel once said that, “Our accessories are what we use to tell our personal story.”

It’s as good advice as any!

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  1. Thanks for writing about this. You might want to check out this video I saw on YouTube which also discusses eco-friendly clothing: I’m sure you’ll love it.