LooptWorks: Clothing From Textile Waste

In 2006, Americans generated 11.8 tons of textile waste. That’s 10 lbs. per person.


Well today I saw this company, LooptWorks, featured on EcoFabulous and I had to tell you about them because they’re so cool.

What are they doing?

They’re an eco fashion clothing company that makes 100% of their clothing and gear from textile waste.

Let me say that again.

All of their clothes are made from scrap destined for a landfill.

Amazing, right?

Looptworks takes a completely different approach to designing fashion. Instead of planning collections up to a year in advance, like most clothing companies, they plan theirs in weeks based on the type of scrap material they have coming in.

“We have a unique process to create unique products,” says Gary Peck, co-founder of Looptworks. “From concept to your closet, we can assure you that no new materials were used to create our clothing and that each item is as individual as the person who wears it.”

Looptworks also creates very small, very personal runs of any style. For every single piece you see on their site, 500 or fewer or made. This means you get a highly individualistic piece of clothing. And since each piece is hand numbered, you’re assured you’re truly getting something unique.

I got sucked into their site for fifteen minutes when I stumbled into them this morning. Their designs are so cool! And I love that their laptop sleeves are made from discarded wetsuit material.

Another cool thing about Looptworks is that they work with schools, clubs and bands to create custom t-shirts out of scrap textiles. So if you have to raise money selling t-shirts, or want to get some printed for your non-profit or club, then Looptworks can help you do it with little environmental impact.

This little company has only been around  for a year, yet they’ve already been featured in “O”, Oprah’s magazine, in Shape, and several other leading publications. And why not? Their business model is brilliant, their designs are super cool, and they’re saving a ton of water and resources and landfill space by reusing this scrap material.

Please go check out their site. They’re seriously cool, and you’ll love their clothes. If you find something you like, however, don’t wait to get it. They’re always coming out with new designs as their old ones sell out and they get new scraps in. So you won’t see it ever again once it’s gone. I love it!

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