October is Fair Trade Month!

One of the Earth Divas artisans

Whoo-HOO! October if Fair Trade Month! This ranks up there with the winter holidays and the first Spring tulips on my “Favorite Times of the Year” list.

FairTrade USA (formerly TransFair) is the organization who created and is largely promoting Fair Trade Month. FairTrade USA is the leading third-party certification organization for fair trade products. And, this October marks the 7th Annual awareness campaign for fair trade. So, kudos to them!

Why Fair Trade Matters

Here at Earth Divas, we passionately believe that fair trade can change the world. When you buy fair trade, whether you’re buying hobo handbags, chocolate, coffee or cosmetics, your purchase comes from a worker or artisan who received a fair wage for his or her skills. You’re making sure that worker has safe working conditions, and works a reasonable number of hours every day.

That fair wage they’re making also stays local. That artisan has more money to spend in his or her community, which means other shop owners and farmers benefit as well.

Fair trade benefits everyone, and it’s simply a smarter way to shop.

What You Can Do to Get Involved

There are so many ways to celebrate Fair Trade Month and to get involved to make a positive difference in the world.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Switch to fair trade coffee. My favorite? Newman’s Own Organic. It’s like heaven to wake up to, and it’s 100% fair trade.
  • Follow FairTrade USA on Twitter. They’ve got some amazing deals lined up in honor of Fair Trade Month. For instance, want 20% off some fair trade¬†Ethiopian¬†body scrub? That’s today’s deal.
  • Plan on buying fair trade gifts for the upcoming winter holiday season. Jewelry and other handmade products are a great alternative to traditional, store-bought gifts. And, fair trade gifts do so much good!

Stay Tuned…

We’ve got some really awesome events planned for Fair Trade Month (including some great giveaways!) so stay tuned!

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