Fair Trade Coffee E-Tasting on Tuesday!

Ok, I know how weird that title must look. An e-tasting? What the heck is that? And what could it possibly have to do with fair trade?

First, some background. I have a serious love affair with coffee. And I’m not alone; coffee (along with chocolate) is the most traded good around the world. And I’ve written several times about my love of Green Mountain’s fair trade coffee. Green Mountain makes Newman’s Own coffee, which is pretty much the most delicious fair trade coffee in existence (and giving: 100% of profits go to charity!).

So. In celebration of Fair Trade Month, Green Mountain Coffee is hosting an e-tasting tomorrow, online, at 4:00 ET. Who’s going to be tasting? Well, the CEO of Green Mountain Coffee will be there. Lindsey Bolger, Senior Director of Coffee Sourcing. And, a group of Costa Rican coffee farmers. No joke.

The reason why Green Mountain coffee is hosting this live event is because they recently completely a study which showed that although we drink a ton of coffee, very few of us understand the impact our coffee has on the planet, and on the people farming it. And, most people don’t realize what a huge, huge difference they could make simply by switching to fair trade coffee.

So, the e-tasting is going to be an informative and eye-opening experience if you tune in. Green Mountain Coffee is going to explain why fair trade coffee is so important, how they go about offering their coffee farmers a fair and guaranteed price for their beans, and why they’re committed to both social and environmental responsibility.

Yep, I’ll be brewing a cup of my own fair trade coffee and tuning in.

So, want to join me? You can watch the e-tasting Tuesday, October 26, at 4:00 by following thisĀ link.

(Photo credit: DeusXFlorida)

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