Announcing the Earth Divas Mega Giveaway! Whoo-HOO!

I’ve been waiting for weeks to make this announcement. In honor of Fair Trade Month, Earth Divas has put together a Mega Giveaway Contest! Whoo-hoo!
How exciting is that?
For the giveaway, we’re going to give one winner $100 to our store. Which means that if you win, you’ll be able to pick out any of our [...]

October is Fair Trade Month!

Whoo-HOO! October if Fair Trade Month! This ranks up there with the winter holidays and the first Spring tulips on my “Favorite Times of the Year” list.
FairTrade USA (formerly TransFair) is the organization who created and is largely promoting Fair Trade Month. FairTrade USA is the leading third-party certification organization for fair trade products. And, [...]

Could You Wear Just 33 Things?

I was on Twitter this afternoon when I happened across a Tweet by Low Impact Betty. Betty has gotten tired of all the clutter in her closet, and she’s taken on a really unique challenge.
She’s picking 33 things, and 33 things only, to wear for the next three months.
Now, this doesn’t include undergarments and workout [...]