Earth Divas Is Now Part of the Fair Trade Federation!

Boy do I have some exciting news to share with all of you. Yesterday, our application to be part of the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) finally went through. We’re finally a proud member of this great organization!
The application process has taken quite a long time to process. But we’re over the moon to be a [...]

Soon, We’ll Have Potato Chip Bags…

Have you seen those awesome handbags that are made from bright bags of cookies and potato chip bags? Well, I have some awesome news. Soon, we’ll be carrying some of these awesome eco friendly handbags here at Earth Divas!
When Earth Divas’ owner, Ed, went to India a couple of months ago he met a woman [...]

How to Keep Your Black Friday Green

So, Black Friday is this week. Many of you might be looking forward to some of the amazing deals that will be available. And I have to concede, there are some stellar bargain out there.
One of the problems with Black Friday (aside from the frenzied consumption of goods that seems to grip the nation) is [...]

Green Designer Profile: Prairie Underground

For those fashion critics who claim Seattle isn’t holding their own in the fashion/design world, I have a two-word comeback: Prairie Underground.
Prairie Underground is a Seattle-based design firm that makes eco clothing I want, plain and simple.
Before I go into their awesomeness, just take a look. All images are courtesy of Prairie Underground.

Yeah, luscious right? [...]

An Eco Friendly Sports Bra We Can Jam To…

I love running. If you run or work out too, then you might have the same problem I have when it comes to your iPod or other MP3 player.
The armband doesn’t always stay put. In fact, it often slides right down my arm. I then have to break stride and form to push it back [...]

7 Ways to Upcycle a Purse

You know, I was thinking about our hemp handbags this morning. Specifically, I was thinking about their life.
Although we at Earth Divas uphold high standards when it comes to quality and craftsmanship (and we’re always striving to get better), there comes a day when our bags wear out. It’s something that no product can really [...]

More of My Favorite Eco Gifts

Are you looking for some great eco friendly holiday gifts this year? Me too! I’ve been scouring the web for Fair Trade Gifts, organic gifts…anything that’s handmade and/or eco friendly is going to make my list this year.
Need some ideas? Here are some of my favorites!
1. Earth Divas Recycled Silk Shoulder Bag

I have this Recycled Silk [...]

Green Style Magazine Profile: Boho

Although there are literally thousands of fashion magazines available for us to read, there are very few green fashion magazines. Which is why I want to spread some love to Boho Magazine because, well, they’re a green fashion magazine that rocks.
Boho Magazine is the brainchild of Gina LaMorte, a world-renowned stylist and fashion guru who’s [...]

Amazing Recycled Dresses

I’ve written a few times before about how a creative designer can turn anything, and I do mean anything, into a gorgeous recycled dress.
And, I’ve found some more recycled dresses that I had to feature because they’re simply amazing.
Let’s enter the beautiful, green world of eco fashion designer Gary Harvey. But before I talk about [...]

Favorite Green Fashion Blog: Eco Chick

So, every now and again I love highlighting a blog that is close to my heart. And today I wanted to put the spotlight on
Eco Chick was started by Starre Vartan in October 2005. And, this blog has received a TON of well-deserved attention because of their coverage of eco fashion, fair trade and [...]