The Best Eco-Beauty Tips Ever

I was browsing through EcoSalon, one of my favorite green fashion blogs, when I stumbled onto an article they’d just written about eco beauty tips from green fashion experts around the web. Some of the tips these women shared about looking great in a green way were fabulous, and I can’t wait to try some of them!

The article got me thinking, though…what are my own favorite eco beauty tips? What green and natural products do I use that really make a difference in how I look?

1. Olive Oil

I haven’t used lotion in years because I use olive oil. Yep, even on my face. Olive oil is a wonderful for your skin because it’s 100% natural, and it really soaks into your skin (unlike many commercial lotions, which kind of just sit on top).

Plus, it makes your skin soft and supple all day. Really, I couldn’t make it through the winter without lavender-infused olive oil.

2. The Body Shop’s Coconut Oil Hair Cream

If you have frizz then you should really check this stuff out. The Body Shop’s Coconut Oil Hair Cream is a solid tin of coconut-smelling goodness. You put just a bit on your fingers and gloss it on your locks to tame the frizz. Not only do you smell great, but your hair looks awesome with this stuff.

3. Honey-Oatmeal Masks

The Body Shop sells a wonderful honey oatmeal mask that I used to adore. But you can make your own at home for a fraction of the price. This is what I do now!

A honey-oatmeal mask is really easy to make yourself. Basically all you need is cooked oatmeal and honey. A good, basic recipe can be found here. But if you really want to get fancy (adding things like almonds and avacados), check out this article; there are several wonderful variations you can try!

4. Sleep

Scientists have proven that next to smoking, nothing ages you faster than long-term lack of sleep. There’s a good reason why people say they need their beauty sleep; it really does help you look young!

I always try to get 8 hours a night. And when I don’t, it shows on my face.

What Do They Do In India?

Since so many of our fair trade handbags come from India, and because the women over there are stunningly gorgeous, I thought I should include a few of their own beauty secrets as well.

One of our beautiful artisans!

1. The Gaze

Have you ever noticed that many Indian women have a gaze that you can’t tear your eyes away from? It’s steady, thoughtful and mysterious all at the same time.

You can develop your gaze by focusing on the tip of your nose for one minute, and then focusing on something else far away for another minute. Keep switching back and forth, a minute at a time, for five minutes a day.

2. Close Your Pores

Indian women have beautiful skin, in large part because their pores are non-existant.

I am not this lucky, and am in a constant battle to shrink them.

Indian women often use buttermilk or watered-down yogurt to shrink their pores. Genious!

How about you? Do you have any eco friendly beauty secrets you’d like so share?

(Photo credit: Flavio@Flickr)

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