Favorite Green Fashion Blog: Eco Chick

So, every now and again I love highlighting a blog that is close to my heart. And today I wanted to put the spotlight on Eco-Chick.com

Eco Chick was started by Starre Vartan in October 2005. And, this blog has received a TON of well-deserved attention because of their coverage of eco fashion, fair trade and women’s issues. They were recently featured in Glamour Magazine, and even won the Best of Green Award this year from Treehugger. That’s huge!

The site is now run by almost two dozen different writers (all women). But don’t think this has lessoned the quality-it hasn’t. Eco Chick always manages to cover topics and issues that are interesting and relevant.

For instance, check out this post about art sculptures made from recycled clothing (the pictures are absolutely worth the click, trust me). And Eco Chick’s coverage of green fashion is awesome because, thanks to their success, they’re able to travel and talk to many eco designers personally. They had some awesome pictures up from New York’s Green Fashion Week.

Another great post is their feature of eco fashion designer Linda Loudermilk. She recently teamed up with Lexus to design and create a driving glove that looks like leather, only it’s really made out of plastic water bottles. How cool is that?

Take a look…

Yeah, if I had a Lexus I wouldn’t mind having an awesome (and green) driving glove like that.

Anyway, the point here is that Eco Chick is an awesome blog. The writing is great, the topics are interesting, and I love scrolling through and looking at all the lovely pictures they have up on the site. Starre Vartan has even written her own book about green living, which I’m sure is just as wonderful as her blog.

If you haven’t already done so, go give them a look! You’ll be happy you wandered over.

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