7 Ways to Upcycle a Purse

You know, I was thinking about our hemp handbags this morning. Specifically, I was thinking about their life.

Although we at Earth Divas uphold high standards when it comes to quality and craftsmanship (and we’re always striving to get better), there comes a day when our bags wear out. It’s something that no product can really avoid.

I was thinking about it because I have one of our lovely Kashmir Wool Crewel Work Bags. It’s hand embroidered, and it’s one of my favorite bags. I was thinking that I would feel really sad when it finally wore out and I had to get a new one. It seemed like such a loss to have to toss out such beautiful workmanship when that day came.

And then it hit me. I wouldn’t have to get rid of the bag. When the fateful day came that my bag did wear out, I could easily turn it into a pillow for my sofa. The square shape would be really simple to sew up.


So it got me to wondering. What else could people possibly do with our fabric handbags, or their own, to upcycle them into something just as useful when the time came?

1. Make a Pillow

As I suggested just a moment ago, many fabric handbags could easily be turned into a pillow. The biggest advantage to fabric handbags is that they’re easy to wash, so cleaning them up and turning them into a cute pillow shouldn’t be too difficult.

2. Turn It Into a First Aid Kit

Why not fill one of your funky handbags with first aid supplies to keep in your car, your RV, or your cabin? It’ll be ready to go (with a handy shoulder strap) when you need it.

3. Pass It On

Your kids might love to play with your old bags. Why not keep them around for dress up sessions? If you don’t have any kids, or yours are too old, then check with local nursery schools or church playrooms. They might love to reuse your old bags!

4. Use them for Crafts

I love knitting. And you know what? I’ve used several older handbags to store my current knitting projects.

You could also use your old handbags to corral drawing projects and other art supplies.

5. Make a To-Go Kit

Aren’t you tired of bringing home more Styrofoam take-out containers? Fill one of your old handbags with reusable containers, and keep it in your car. Next time you go to a restaurant, grab that handbag too; now you’ve got a bag full of take-out containers and you don’t have to use the restaurant’s Styrofoam!

6. Make a Magic Road Trip Bag

If you have kids, then you know how taxing a long road trip can be. Transform your old handbags into a magical “road trip” bag for your kids. My parents did this for my brother and I, and we loved it!

Every time we had a long road trip ahead of us, my parents would fill a bag with new books, MadLibs, games, crossword puzzles and travel toys. The rule was we couldn’t even see the bag until we were in the car and on our trip.

And then, what a delight! We each got our own bag that kept us happily entertained (and blissfully silent) for most of the trip.

7. Cut It Up

If you sew, then you can cut up your handbag to use in other craft projects. Don’t let that great fabric go to waste!

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