How to Keep Your Black Friday Green

So, Black Friday is this week. Many of you might be looking forward to some of the amazing deals that will be available. And I have to concede, there are some stellar bargain out there.

One of the problems with Black Friday (aside from the frenzied consumption of goods that seems to grip the nation) is that there’s nothing really eco friendly about it. We drive, we shop, we eat out…it’s a weekend of massive consumption.

If you are going out for Black Friday shopping, then try these tips to help keep it a bit more green…

1. Pack Snacks

It’s easy to get drained when you’re out shopping. But you don’t need to buy bottled water and heavily packaged snacks!

Instead, pack healthy snacks at home, like carrots, trailmix and fruit. And bring your reusable water bottle.

2. Carpool

You, your sister, your best friend and your aunt are all heading out shopping. So why take four cars?

If you have family and friends who are also going out on Black Friday, then carpool with this. This will cut down on the gas you’re using, help cut down traffic, and eliminate some stress in the process!

3. Bring Reusable Shopping Bags

Before you leave, don’t forget to pack your reusable shopping bags. Leave all that plastic at the store!

4. Don’t Buy a Bargain Just Because It’s a Bargain

It’s easy to get into that buy buy buy mentality on Black Friday because everyone gets that way. But remember: everything you buy uses resources. There are often people half way around the world who made that product for ultra-low wages. And then oil was used to ship it all the way over here.

If you go out shopping, buy what you need and then stop. Buying just because something is ultra cheap will not only clutter your house with “stuff”, but it also means you’re consuming far more resources than you need to.

(Photo Credit: kevindooley)

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