Our Bags Are Built to Last…

One look at this purse and you’d think it was destined for the garbage or compost heap, right? And, you might be wondering why I’m putting up a picture of a bag of ours which is obviously tattered and worn out.
Well, there’s a good reason. ┬áThis picture is a great example of the quality work [...]

Eco-Fashion Label Is Helping Indian Women Escape From the Sex Trade

As a business with strong ties to India, I was shocked to learn that according to the Dalit Freedom Network, over 200 girls and women enter prostitution in India every day. 80% of them enter against their will, and 35% of them are under 18.
These are heartbreaking statistics.
Of course, there are many amazing organization who [...]

Eco-Friendly Fiber: Jute

Did you know that when it comes to eco-friendly fibers, jute is right up there with hemp and bamboo?
For many people, jute is kind of off the radar when it comes to green fabrics. Back in the 1700-1800s, jute was a wonder crop, but the growing of jute, and its production into sustainable fibers, largely [...]

Flax: The Wonder Plant

Did you know that flax can be used to make clothing? Many people don’t know much about flax apart from the fact that it’s a great vitamin to take. But using fibers from flax is actually one of the oldest ways of making clothing and paper.
If you  read my recent post about hemp, then you [...]

The Many Uses for Hemp

Here at Earth Divas, we love hemp. After all, most of our eco handbags are made using hemp from Nepal. Hemp is one of those crops that has so many uses it’d be impossible to fit them all in one post.
In fact, in 1930 Popular Mechanics magazine created a list of products that could be [...]

Fair Trade Store Highlight: Global Exchange

So, since we’ve become a member of the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) I’ve taken an interest into learning about the other business that are already involved with this great organization.
One of these business is Global Exchange. Global Exchange is an international human rights organization which operates 5 brick and mortar stores here in the U.S. [...]

Fabric Made Out of…Stinging Nettles?

If you’ve ever stumbled into a stinging nettle plant, then you know how uncomfortable it can be. So why, you might ask, would anyone consider turning the stinging nettle plant into a fabric?
Well, there are a bunch of reasons.
First, stinging nettle is a weed. It grows just about everywhere. Which means that you don’t need [...]

My Favorite Recycled Accessories

Have I ever mentioned I have an Etsy Problem (EP)? My EP has gotten so severe that I’ve had to limit myself to one purchase per month, and nothing over $30. If I want anything more expensive than that, I have to use next month’s Etsy budget (and, of course, skip next month’s purchase).
Yeah, it’s [...]

How to Stop Overshopping

You don’t need me to tell you that American culture is addicted to shopping. We see, according to the New York Times, an average of 5,000 ads a day. This makes us want all the latest and greatest gadgets, fashions and food.
The problem (as I’ve written time and time again since this is a favorite [...]

These T-Shirts Will Feed An Orphan in Africa for a Month

Imaging buying a t-shirt, and knowing that the money you just spent is going to feed an orphan in Africa for an entire month.
Well, that’s what happens when you buy a t-shirt through Common Threadz. I stumbled onto this amazing company quite by accident this morning, and am completely astounded by what they’re doing.
This business, [...]