It’s the Earth Divas $300 Mega Giveaway!

How would you like to win $300 worth of our fair trade handbags? And no, that’s not a typo. We really are giving away $300 of our awesome, fair trade hemp handbags.

Just in time for the holidays!

This is awesome because not only will you win enough bags to give away as gifts, you’ll also have enough left over to pick some out for yourself.


The Details

1. The contest will run from Monday, December 6, through Thursday, December 11. I’ll use to pick a winner Friday morning.

2. Your prize? $300 worth of product from our store. Yeah, we’re serious. That’s a lot of fair trade bags!

How to Enter…

The good news is that there are several different ways to enter the contest. The more you enter, the higher your chance of winning. Here’s how you can win:

1. Visit and pick out a few bags you’d really love to win. Then, leave a comment on this post with a link to your favorite bag!

2. Follow us on Twitter. Leave a comment on this post with your Twitter ID so I can Follow you back!

3. Tweet this giveaway once per day. Leave a comment on this post to let me know you Tweeted the giveaway.

4 Like us on Facebook. Leave a comment on this post letting me know you’ve Liked us!

5. Share this giveaway on your own Facebook page. Come back to this post and leave a comment letting me know you spread the word!

6. If you have a blog, you can gain an entry by writing up a quick blurb about the contest for your own readers. Come back to this post and leave the link so I can spread some love your way as well!

Thank You!

Thanks to all of you for sharing the word about Earth Divas. Because all of our products are 100% fair trade and handmade, the more exposure we get the more our artisans thrive (and the more artisans we can hire).

Good luck to all of you!

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161 Responses to “It’s the Earth Divas $300 Mega Giveaway!”

  1. I really like this bag:

  2. I follow you on Twitter @maybaby522.

  3. tweeted 12/6

  4. I picked a few but still I like Semi-Round Hemp and Silk Shoulder Bag the best.


  6. twitter follower

  7. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by maybaby522, heta G and EarthDivas, EarthDivas. EarthDivas said: It’s the Earth Divas $300 Mega Giveaway! [...]

  8. like you on FB:heta s


  10. I like Earth Divas on Facebook.

  11. My favorite bag is the hemp handbag in natural and chocolate.

  12. I am following you on twitter you can follow me @justcreatepeace thanks!

    Peace and Love,


  13. I love the Hemp and Kashmir Wool Handbag as well as the Kashmir Wool Crewel Work Bag Large Drawstring.

  14. I follow on Twitter as wizardewu

  15. tweet:

  16. I Like you on Facebook.

  17. Facebook post:

  18. I like you on facebook and have picked out a few favs but really there are so many more! To list a few, the Hemp and cotton shoulder bags blue stripes, Hemp handbag natural and chocolate, Hemp handbag with front pockets, Recycled silk handbag and Recycled rice bag handbag assorted all caught my eye.

  19. I have liked you on facebook: Perfectskin Care

  20. I love the recycled rice bag, the Semi-Round Hemp and Silk Shoulder Bag and the Hemp Side Backpack. All the bags are gorgeous!

  21. I like you on facebook

  22. So many to love like the Hemp Shoulder Bag Blue & Natural Aari and the Hemp Handbag w/ front pockets but I really like the Hemp Document Bag – Large – Red -

  23. there are so many nice ones! I think the Raja & Silk Shopping Bag is gorgeous! thanks for the chance here

  24. I a, following you on twitter: skyiseternal

  25. Wow! You have some very unique and gorgeous things on your site! I love the Fish Bone Patch Bag and the multi-colored brim hats ….and such a generous giveaway! This would do some serious whittling away at my Christmas list! I’m happy to go spread the word about your wonderful store!

  26. Sheesh …forgot the link (sorry)

  27. I am following you on twitter @rusthawk and I tweeted your giveaway far and wide! (I had to search for you, your twitter link is not working properly.)

  28. Separate entry for tweeting:

  29. I am following you on Facebook (Rust Hawk).

  30. I posted your giveaway on my facebook wall.

  31. I like this one :D–handbag.aspx

  32. liked on facebook :)

  33. following on twitter

  34. I love the Cash & Silk Round Ladies Bag & the Recycled Rice Bag – Handbag Assorted.

  35. I’m loving the Cash & Silk Round Ladies Bag:

  36. I liked you on facebook, and I really do great bags!!

  37. I like:

    and this one

  38. I really like the Semi-Round Hemp and Silk Shoulder Bag and the Hemp & rec silk shoulder bag

  39. The following are just some of the items among many:–passport-bags.aspx

  40. Fond of the semi round hemp bags and tge recycled rice bags… :)

  41. Like on FB


    also like the green patch bag.

  43. I posted this on Facebook!!!

  44. Like on FB!

  45. Wow – these are really nice and reasonably priced. I love the Hemp Shoulder Bag Black/Green Patch and the Hemp Handbag – Natural & Chocolate. The
    Hemp Shoulder Bag – Outside Piping is also really attractive.


  46. tweet:


    This backpack would be great!

  48. Semi-Round Hemp and Silk Shoulder Bag is very nice

  49. following on facebook, posted giveaway

  50. following on twitter @mycontests, retweeted giveaway

  51. I especially like the Crochet Silk Baba bag! Beautiful!

  52. I especially like the Crochet Silk Baba bag! Beautiful

  53. oops, sent twice… also follow you on Twitter!

  54. Also like this Cotton Handbag!—fun-handbags.aspx

  55. Like you on FB! :)

  56. lovin’–handbag.aspx
    and my favorite, just too cute:–handbag.aspx


  57. Oh my…here’s my FAV, but there are many…–handbag.aspx

  58. I also follow you on Facebook – that’s where I heard about this giveaway.

  59. Nice Bags! I “liked” you on FB!!!


  61. I love the–handbag.aspx, the–handbag.aspx, the, the, and the !! :) :)

  62. I just wanted you to know that these bags are way cool!! And spread the word about this website!!!

    I love this handbag!

  64. I follow on Twitter

  65. I like the Natural & Chocolate hemp handbags!

  66. I “liked” Earth Divas on Facebook for contest entry! (ps – your bags are fabulous! :)

  67. I like the Semi-Round Hemp and Silk Shoulder Bag the most.

  68. I follow on twitter as 409cope.

  69. I like you on facebook.Shari D

  70. I narrowed it down to my two favorites! and–handbag.aspx

  71. Lovely – and affordable!!

    Cash & Silk Round Ladies Bag

    Semi-Round Hemp and Silk Shoulder Bag

    Hemp & Recycled Silk Solo Shoulder Bag

  72. I follow you on Twitter! @barbmia

  73. I (re)tweeted about the contest (@barbmia)

  74. I love the Hemp Handbag – Natural & Chocolate

    nikle714 at gmail dot com

  75. I like earth divas on FB (Nicole Strunk)

    nikle714 at gmail dot com

  76. follow on twitter @nikle714

    nikle714 at gmail dot com

  77. Leaving this post to let you know I’ve “Liked” you on Facebook! please enter me into your contest – thanks! :)

  78. these are awesome bags!

    I really like

  79. I have posted about the giveaway in the top right panel of my blog page:

  80. So many great bags … but I love this one, cool contemporary flair and green in more ways than one.

  81. Love this bag!–handbag.aspx

    And this one!–handbag.aspx

  82. I follow you on Twitter: jillsimonson.

  83. I like you on Facebook.

  84. love your product

  85. Really like your bags. I like the Natural and Blue Hemp bag

  86. I like—fun-handbags.aspx and this one is fun

  87. I love the Semi-Round Hemp and Silk Shoulder Bag!

  88. Facebook share:

  89. tweet:

  90. cute, reversible, practical and earth friendly, count me in

  91. Love this one!! So many to choose from :)

  92. Like’d on Facebook :)


    Twitter: andersa9


    Twitter: andersa9

  95. I love the Semi-Round Hemp and Silk Shoulder Bag
    and the Hemp Side Backpack. While there I also had to look at other things and I would love to get some of the puppets for my nephews!

    hb_carebear_07 at yahoo

  96. I like you on facebook

  97. I facebooked about you!

  98. How do you choose just one? Your stuff is amazing! I had to go with the hemp handbag with peace sign, gorgeous.


    100% Hemp Bag Stitch
    is my fav!

  100. Ilove the Black hemp handbag with two pockets, and the eco bag.

  101. I like the hemp sidepack and the backtop with laptop sleeve and the blue field bag and the white wallet and also the black computer bag. I think these should sell.

  102. I love so many, but my favorite is the Hemo Handbag-Blue, Center Ring

  103. I really like Olive Hemp Handbag –

  104. I follow on Twitter – miryfaye

  105. Your bags are so very unusual and functional, just love them. The BCB 001, is really eye catching as well as the cotton modern LCB 011, the THB 011. THough all are very sharp looking.

  106. Tweet –!/miryfaye/status/12704691158777856

  107. My Gosh, there are so many pretty bags! I found myself looking through the collection and contemplating how each bag would go with my outfits… Really liked the Hemp Handbag (Natural and Chocolate), Hemp Shoulder Bag (Outside Piping), Pin Stripe/White Cotton Reversible Bag, Etc. Etc. Thanks!

    Aliya D.

  108. 100% Hemp hand bag stitch

    That’s a bag I really like

  109. Liked on Facebook as Lucy Montgomery

  110. Shared on fcebook!/Lucy.Montgomery2/posts/113708528699917

  111. I would love to win the Cash & Silk Round Ladies Bag and the Hemp Shoulder Bag w/ Safed Hatti Flap! Such great colors and styles! xo

    kimberly.long at gmail dot com

  112. following on twitter @sparkily xo

    kimberly.long at gmail dot com

  113. I would love to win this bag! :-)

    bthe84 at yahoo dot com


  115. My favorite bag is this:
    Hemp Handbag – Chocolate & Natural

  116. Love the hemp wallet.

  117. Follow you on Twitter. (mickeycoutts)

  118. Liked you on Facebook.

  119. Tweet:

  120. Like you on Facebook. (Mickey Coutts)

  121. Shared this giveaway on Facebook:!/permalink.php?story_fbid=166575913378443&id=100001597050150

  122. So many choices! Love the patch bag!

  123. So many great bags! I love this one:

  124. I like you on Facebook
    (as AdrianeCoros)

  125. I like the Cotton Modern Eco HandBag.

  126. I like the Semi round hemp and silk. And the Deluxe hemp back pack for my laptop.

    Link to my fav:

  127. I follow you on Twitter as LAMusing!

    By the way the twitter link didn’t work – I went t Twitter and searched for Earth Divas :)

  128. I really like this beautiful bag:

  129. Such a hard choice here are my top 3 favorites thanks for the chance to win
    favorite #1
    favorite #2
    Favorite #3

  130. i follow you on twitter @mrstinareynolds

  131. i like on facebook (mrstinareynolds

    I like this one :)

  133. Your twitter link is linked wrong but i found you on lol
    I followed you as @mommypr

    chirp chirp :)

  135. Tweet:

  136. Hemp Shoulder Bag Brown w/ Natural Trim
    Pressed Wool Shoulder Bag – Blue
    Hemp Turquoise Handbag w/ felt flowers
    Hemp Handbag w/ front pockets
    Hemp Handbag – Green, Center Ring

    I could go on and on…like a kid in a candy store :)
    Great giveaway – thanks!

  137. I see I did my original entry wrong (sorry!) here is the link

    I’ve liked you on FB!


    Love the document bags – I have a small laptop and no bag to carry it in – these are great

  139. Following you on twitter from @Michelle_BBwB

  140. Liked you guys on Facebook! :)

  141. tweet:

  142. My very favorite!

  143. love this one: Hemp Handbag w/ front pockets

    i forgot to post the link in my first entry.

    2nd entry: follow via twitter
    id: jennifer57

  145. 3rd entry: like you on facebook

  146. I’d love the Hemp Handbag w/ front pockets

  147. on facebook:

  148. Loved the Lg blue check on the homepage but couldn’t find the link sooo I like this one also,

  149. 2nd. follow via twitter.

  150. 3rd like you all on Facebook. Real neat, my hubby just won a 10 day Guatemala Reality vacation from World of that is totally a Fair Trade based tour of buisnesses, factories, trade lectures, coffee plantations etc, etc, Vaca of a lifetime.

  151. sorry 2nd entry forgot to put twitter ID, it’s “onehobit”

  152. I like the Pin Stripe / White Cotton Reversible Bag

  153. I like the Hemp Handbag in Black.

  154. I absolutely love this bag, its soo me!

  155. I love the recycled rice bag, the Semi-Round Hemp and Silk Shoulder Bag and the Hemp Side Backpack. All the bags are gorgeous!

  156. I like you on Facebook.

  157. I like this one! I love the embroidery : )

  158. I like the Semi-Round Hemp and Silk Shoulder Bag.

    Lost_Star_99 (at) yahoo (dot) ca

  159. tweet:

  160. tweet:

  161. 3annotated…