My Favorite Recycled Accessories

Have I ever mentioned I have an Etsy Problem (EP)? My EP has gotten so severe that I’ve had to limit myself to one purchase per month, and nothing over $30. If I want anything more expensive than that, I have to use next month’s Etsy budget (and, of course, skip next month’s purchase).

Yeah, it’s sad. But it was the only way to gain control of all the amazing, wonderful things I wanted on the site. Seriously, if someone gave me $5,000 to spend just on Etsy, I could spend it in a day.

What’s the point of all this Etsy ranting? Well, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite accessory artists from the site who are using recycled materials to make us fabulous things. These are my personal picks, from my own Favorites Page. Enjoy!

1. Peace4You’s Upcycled Messenger Bag

I’d have to swear of Etsy for 10 months to buy Peace4You’s Upcycled Messenger Bag (which is $293), but this bag is amazing.

The bag is made from from a recycled italian duffle bag, a swiss-army blanket and a used leather-jacket.
The strap is made from a used navy-kitbag.

How cool is that?

2. Italilambertini’s Undersea Ring with Recycled Gold

Yeah, so there aren’t words to adequately describe how much I love and want this ring. I would feel like Poseidon’s love child if I got to wear it. And I would never take it off. For me to buy it…I’d have to quit Etsy for roughly four years. Yikes.

This amazing ring is made using 100% recycled gold, by Italilambertini. Yes, it’s expensive at $1,010. But had I an extra grand to splurge on anything, this is what I would buy, without a blink.

3. Noblegnome’s Recycled Glass Earrings

I love these earrings! They’re the kind of earrings that would look great with jeans, riding boots and a slouchy hobo bag. These recycled glass earrings are made by Noblegnome, and are $26.

4. KristinCoffin’s White Sapphire Ring with Recycled Silver

You know, white sapphires don’t look that different from diamonds. And recycled silver sure does look a lot like platinum. For $145, this awesome ring looks a lot fancier than it is. Kristin Coffin, an LA artist, has a ton more cool designs at her shop.

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2 Responses to “My Favorite Recycled Accessories”

  1. Heather you have amazing taste!!!! I loved them all!!

  2. 2derrick…