Eco-Fashion Label Is Helping Indian Women Escape From the Sex Trade

As a business with strong ties to India, I was shocked to learn that according to the Dalit Freedom Network, over 200 girls and women enter prostitution in India every day. 80% of them enter against their will, and 35% of them are under 18.

These are heartbreaking statistics.

Of course, there are many amazing organization who are trying to slow down these figures. And one of them is Beulah London, and eco fashion label that was started for one purpose: to put the women and children rescued from the sex trade to work.

Beulah was started by Natasha Rufush Isaacs and Lavinia Brennan, two young women who were powerfully moved when they went to India and discovered how devastating the sex trade problem really was.

The women spent two months visiting and working with after-care homes in Delhi. These homes help counsel and care for girls, aged 13-16, rescued from the sex trade. Other after care homes help older women, helping them heal emotionally and training them for employment so they can support themselves.

Isaacs and Brennan wanted to help make a difference, and decided that starting an eco fashion label was the way to do it. So, Beulah was born.

The label designs and creates lovely flowing dresses. The dresses are made with exceptional quality, and all materials are sourced in an ethical manner. They’re definitely the bright, airy dresses you’d want to wear out dancing in late July.

The company has already trained 150 girls to construct and sew the bags the dresses are made in. The end goal, of course, is to teach them how to become master sewers so they can sew the dresses themselves. But that kind of skill takes time, and many of the girls are still quite young.

Beulah’s first collection is called “Amazing Grace”, and will be out in Spring/Summer of 2011.

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