H&M’s New Upcycled, Green Line

So, I’ve written about H&M several times on this blog. The Swedish clothing retailer is pretty much the IKEA of fashion- they produce high-style clothing at ultra-low prices.
My beef with them has to do with the time they threw out unsold clothing instead of donating it, and their ultra-low prices on disposable clothing. Today, though, [...]

How to Have a Fair Trade Valentine’s Day

So, V-Day is just over two weeks away. You might already be eyeing chocolates, stuffed bears, or even some jewelry for your sweetie.
But here’s an idea…why not try to make this Valentine’s Day less of an impact on the environment? Why not purchase items that will also make a difference for people around the world?
Why [...]

The Boots Are Made From Recycled Tires

Growing up on a southern farm, I’ve known and loved many cowboy boots. My current pair of Dingos (which I leave at my dad’s house for when I visit) are caked with mud and scarred with scratches. I even fought a forest fire in those boots. They’re like old friends.
But they’re not exactly the kind [...]

These Clothes Detect Pollution. Seriously.

Ok, you’re walking down a busy street in New York City. Of course, you have no way of knowing if the air is polluted or now. How could you?
But if you had on a Warning Signs shirt, it would do the work for you. If the air was polluted, the shirt would let you know. [...]

These Luscious Heels Are Made from Upcycled Kimonos

So, just take a moment and bask in the lusciousness of these divine shoes…

Can you picture warm Spring afternoons with a simple skirt and an air blouse? I sure can! These shoes would be perfect for light outfits, or even worn as wedding shoes.
These amazing shoes are designed and made by Hetty Rose, a London [...]

Sshh…I Just Heard Spring Whispering!

First of all, I’m well aware that it’s still January. And, being in Michigan, I know I’m staring at snow out my office window, and chattering my teeth at there mere thought of going outside (as I write this, it’s 10 degrees).
So why, might you ask, am I even daring to allow the word “Spring” [...]

Livia Firth’s Incredible Upcycled Dress

You’d think that if you were married to a handsome, award-winning movie star and you were going to a premier of his movie in Paris, you’d be wearing a brand new, top designer dress. At least, that’s what most people would do.
I’m happy to share the awesome story of Livia Firth, who is the wife [...]

Buy A Pair of Shoes…Make a MicroLoan to the Gulf

Wouldn’t it be super cool if we could buy a pair of shoes and make a microloan to people in the Gulf who were affected by the BP Oil Spill?
Oh wait…we can!
Sometime in early 2011 (I haven’t been able to find an actual release date yet) Keen is going to release their Santiago shoe. This [...]

How to Upcycle a Sweater

Do you have a sweater that you’re not so crazy about anymore? Or perhaps it’s too small, or too big, or too ratty to grace your shoulders.
I have several sweaters like that currently hanging in my closet. Normally I just donate them, but I started wondering…what else could I do with them?
There are several ways [...]

Upcycling Your Boring Denim Skirt

I’m a big fan of denim skirts. I practically live in them during the summer months, pairing them with my trust Converse shoes and a breezy t-shirt.
But lately, my denim skirts have been a little…well…boring. They needed some pizazz. And now’s the perfect time to spruce them up a bit because it’s far too cold [...]