DIY Fashion

You know, 2010 was a really great year. The eco-fashion industry saw some incredibly important developments and progress. Even here at Earth Divas we made an exciting step forward when we become members of the Fair Trade Federation! That was a huge goal for us, and one we’re really over the moon about.

What do I think is going to happen with 2011?

Well, I think more people are going to hop on the DIY bandwagon. They’re going to make their own green fashion and crafts. Or, they’re going to take existing vintage or eco-fashion pieces and further modify them to make them 100% unique.

I love this idea because not only is it a fun way to get a really unique look, it’s also frugal. Want some ideas to get started in the DIY Fashion Movement?

1. Check out Threadbanger

Want to make your own necklaces? Want to learn how to customize your shoes? Need to turn a tank top into a dress?

Threadbanger is the place to learn. This awesome site has really great tutorials that clearly show you how to modify and customize all your stuff.

2. Check out ReadyMade

ReadyMade is one of my most favorite sites on the web. Why?

Because they have a veritable cornucopia of cool projects and ideas. Seriously.

The site focuses on ALL aspects of DIY. So, you get tons of cool DIY ideas to decorate your home, build storage containers, create furniture, and make stuffed catnip toys. But they also have some seriously cool fashion projects. Just head over to their Fashion and Style section for some sweet ideas.

3. Redo Our Bags

Do have one of our hobo handbags already? Me too! :)

One fun way to get into the DIY movement is to customize something you already have. What could you do?

You could add some some patches to your bag. You could sew on fabric scraps, or even paint it.

For instance, I have one of our Recycled Rice Bags that I use to tote my laptop in. I love this bag because it’s so sturdy and funky looking. I added a few cool buttons I had, and I’m thinking about some trim over the strap to give it another splash of color.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it! If it doesn’t work out, patches, and stitches, can always be taken out.

4. Refashion Your T-Shirts

I can’t believe how creative people have gotten with reusing old tshirts.

I’ve seen people transform them into shopping bags and quilts. And I found one artist on Etsy who cuts her tshirts up into strips, braids them, and sells them as really chunky and cool necklaces.

You can also just cut a ton of long, thin strips and sew them into circles. Then, wear them all as a multicolored, thick necklace. I saw another Etsy artist do that it the result was really, really cool.

The point here is that you don’t just have to accept fashion the way it’s presented. You can find or buy a piece, and then make it your own, using your OWN creativity and ideas. To me, that’s what looking great and being creative is all about!

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