How to Upcycle a Sweater

Do you have a sweater that you’re not so crazy about anymore? Or perhaps it’s too small, or too big, or too ratty to grace your shoulders.

I have several sweaters like that currently hanging in my closet. Normally I just donate them, but I started wondering…what else could I do with them?

There are several ways to upcycle your old sweaters.

1. Turn Several Sweaters Into a Coat

I’ve mentioned katwise before on this blog. Kat is a self-professed gypsy who makes incredible upcycled sweater coats on Etsy. The picture above is a perfect example of her work.

Kat’s coats are amazing because they’re all made from old sweaters. I can’t fathom how she coordinates the colors so well, but the result is stunning. I own one of her coats (which she named after the Edgar Allen Poe story, “Tale of the Ragged Mountains”) and it’s by far the most unique clothing piece I have. Every time I put it on I feel like a mysterious gypsy. It’s awesome!

Here is another examples of Kat’s work:

Now, I’m not a sewing whiz at all (which is why I bought one of Kat’s coats instead of trying to make my own), but if you are handy with a sewing machine, then you could try to blend several sweaters together to make a cool, upcycled coat.

2. Create a Vest

You can easily lop off the arms of your sweater and create a sweater vest. And if your sweater is too small? Why not create a sweater vest for your son or daughter?

Of course, don’t forget you’ll need to sew the holes shut to prevent it fromĀ unraveling.

3. Create Leg Warmers or a Hat

You know those sweater arms you just lopped off? Sew each end and create some funky leg warmers. I’ve seen this done and they look really cool, especially if your sweater isn’t in bad shape.

If you’re not into leg warmers, you could create a hat from the upper end of the sleeves (where they’re widest, by your shoulders). If it’s too small for you, this might be another great addition for your kids.

4. Cover a Pillow

You can easily use an old sweater to cover a side pillow. The image below comes courtesy of Crafting a Greener World:

Need a tutorial? Crafting a Greener World links to a good one over at The Budget Fashionista. If you want even more awesome ideas (complete with good DIY tutorials) then check out Crafting a Greener World’s comprehensive article. There are a ton of great projects for upcycling sweaters there!

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