Buy A Pair of Shoes…Make a MicroLoan to the Gulf

Wouldn’t it be super cool if we could buy a pair of shoes and make a microloan to people in the Gulf who were affected by the BP Oil Spill?

Oh wait…we can!

Sometime in early 2011 (I haven’t been able to find an actual release date yet) Keen is going to release their Santiago shoe. This brightly colored summer shoe is going to be shoe that does good. First, though, take a look at the sunshiney goodness of this shoe:

I’ll take the yellow pair, please!

How Keen’s Doing Good

For every shoe sold, Keen is going to donate  a portion to their Hybrid.Care foundation. And, this organization, which works alongside (one of my favorite charities) will help make microloans to people affected by the Gulf oil spill.

This all started when Keen was scouring the globe to learn how to make shoes more sustainably. They wanted to do away with the glue and stitching, especially with the sole.

They found their answer in Santiago de los Caballeros, which has a long history of making footwear. There, they discovered an ancient vulcanization machine made in Germany, which uses heat and pressure to make the soles.

So what’d they do? Well, they went looking for more of these eco-friendly shoe making wonders (which are hand operated and more than 60 years old). Once they’d refurbished the ones they’d found around the globe they opened a small factory in Santiago to make this new line of do-good shoes.

The Price is Right…

These shoes, when they finally hit stores, will retail for $25-$50. There will also be a line of kids shoes, and even a pair of infant Mary Janes.

All the colors are incredibly bright and colorful, so it will be easy to spend the money. Especially since a portion (up to $1 million total) will be going towards a great cause. So, keep an eye out for these great Keen shoes!

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