How to Have a Fair Trade Valentine’s Day

So, V-Day is just over two weeks away. You might already be eyeing chocolates, stuffed bears, or even some jewelry for your sweetie.

But here’s an idea…why not try to make this Valentine’s Day less of an impact on the environment? Why not purchase items that will also make a difference for people around the world?

Why not pledge to have a Fair Trade Valentine’s Day?

Thanks to the growing awareness of fair trade products, finding wonderful fair trade gifts isn’t near as hard as it used to be. And chances are, you can even find some amazing fair trade chocolate right in your local grocery store.

So, need some ideas for having a fair trade Valentine’s Day?

1. Buy Fair Trade Jewelry

Take a look at these gorgeous earrings sold by World of Good, one of my favorite fair trade retailers (besides Earth Divas!):

Buying fair trade jewelry is a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day because the profits go to help artisans around the world. These particular earrings are made by women in Peru. The women actually learned how to work with metal in a factory, working in extremely poor conditions. But they rose above this bad situation and took their skills elsewhere. Go girls!

Now they work with Bridge of Hope, a fair trade organization that helps get their line of jewelry out into the world so they can support themselves.

2. Buy Fair Trade Coffee

If you have a coffee fiend in your life, then why not give them fair trade coffee this year?

Fair trade coffee means that the coffee farmer who grew the beans was fairly compensated for his or her work. It also likely means the coffee was grown in a sustainable manner (without the use of pesticides, and grown in the shade).

Two bags of coffee in a basket with a handmade mug would make a lovely, eco-friendly gift.

3. Buy Fair Trade Chocolate

So, I’ve written about my love affair with Shaman Chocolates before. This fair trade chocolate is, in my opinion, the King of organic, fair trade chocolate.

The company was started by a Shaman of the Huichal Indian tribe. And the money from every bar sold goes to help support the tribe, who live in the Sierra Madre Mountains.

The chocolate tastes amazing. I’m talking, out-of-body-experience amazing. But if you want something a bit more local, hit up your local grocery store or health food store. It’s relatively easy to find fair trade chocolate these days.

4. Go with Fair Trade Beauty Products

If you’re buying your Valentine some fancy lotion, why not go fair trade? There are tons of fair trade beauty products out there.

For instance, The Body Shop’s hemp line is amazing, unique and fair trade. And, it’s completely luscious!

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