New York’s Fashion Week Full of Green Designers

I’m staring out the window this morning and all I see is a landscape of glittering white. Yes, the snow is still piled high on the ground. Thoughts of spring and summer seem a million miles away.
But in New York? They’ve bypassed spring and summer and headed straight into Fall. Fall Fashion Week just ended [...]

Why I Love Handmade, and Why You Should Too…

Just a few years ago, I never thought twice about buying a piece of jewelry, or a hat, or a sweater, off the shelf. If it was cool, and it struck my fancy, then it came home with me. End of story. I never gave it much thought.
Everything began to change when I discovered Etsy. [...]

UK Jewelers Moving to Fair Trade Gold

So, Valentine’s Day has come and gone. And although you still might be munching on chocolates (or, if you’re thrifty like me you’re going out to buy all the V-Day chocolate at 75% off…) the holiday is largely over.
Except this year, Valentine’s Day had a longer impact that just February 14th. In the UK, 20 [...]

My Favorite Recycled Cowboy Hat

When you see the word “cowboy hat”, it brings to mind outdoorsy types, ruggedly strong (and handsome) faces, braving the elements…you know, images with backbone.
Most people don’t ever associate “recycled” in the same sentence as “cowboy hat”. But, I’m breaking down walls here and writing about Real Deal Brazil’s awesome recycled cowboy hats.
Why? Because I [...]

Compostable Sneakers, Anyone?

So, I’m talking about compost. Again. Yesterday I wrote about how to compost fabrics. And today?
Well, I wanted to dive into the world of sneakers. Yes, there are some sneakers you can compost. Take  a look:

These sneakers look just like any other sneakers, right? Well, they’re just a bit different than the shoes you already [...]

Clothing You Can Compost?

You know that much loved t-shirt you’ve had since the early ’90s? It’s thin enough to see through, and now looks like Swiss cheese from all the holes. This is the kind of shirt you can’t donate, since after all…who would buy it?
So, it often gets thrown in the garbage.
What many people don’t realize is [...]

What’s Your Favorite Upcycle?

Upcycling is the art of taking something old and turning it into something new. And, it’s one of my favorite ways of going green because you’re giving new life to something that otherwise might end up in the trash.
One of my favorite upcycled bags we sell at Earth Divas is our Jute Young and Fun [...]

Check Out These Awesome Sustainable Wooden Sunglasses

It’s impossible to go to and not find something super cool. And, this morning was no exception. I jaunted over to quickly skim today’s headlines and there they were…

It was love at first sight to be sure.  Sustainably produced wooden sunglasses. From India. Be still my heart.
The company is called Proof, and the more [...]

Eco Friendly Ways to Pamper Yourself on Valentine’s Day

So, I know I just wrote about how to have a fair trade Valentine’s Day. But the thing is if you’re single, or you and your partner are “on the outs”, you might not want to have a fair trade Valentine’s Day. In fact, you might not want to have any kind of Valentine’s Day [...]

My New Love: Recession Clothing

Does everything cool come out of Portland? I’m starting to think that it might, which is why Portland, and the entire Pacific Northwest, is on my itinerary for a trip this Spring. Every time I see a great eco indie label, hear a great band (Thank you, Horse Feathers) or find a great new artist [...]