My New Love: Recession Clothing

Does everything cool come out of Portland? I’m starting to think that it might, which is why Portland, and the entire Pacific Northwest, is on my itinerary for a trip this Spring. Every time I see a great eco indie label, hear a great band (Thank you, Horse Feathers) or find a great new artist on Etsy, seems like most of the time they’re from Portland.

And today is no different. I stumbled on Recession Clothing, a super cool eco indie label and, guess where they’re from. I’ll give you three guesses.

Oh…you guessed Portland? You’re right!

Before I dive into how cool this company is, just look at their awesomeness…

Are you sold yet? Do you want one of everything?

Me too.

Besides making ridiculously cool clothes, Recession also handmakes all their clothing in Portland. They do the design, the sewing and the printing themselves. So, it stays local.

They also use 100% organic cotton and salvaged fabrics.

I’m in love with Recession for several reasons. The thoughtfulness they’ve put into their business model doing all the work themselves is really appealing. As is their use of organic cotton and salvaged fabrics.

But the designs are so unique, and that’s what really caught my eye. If you look at the woman’s collar in the first image, you’ll see that the design in printed on the inside, folding outwards. How cool is that?

Writing our blog has exposed me to a ton of great new eco designers. Put I might have to put Recession at the top of the list right now simply because I’m in love with everything they have on their site.

What about you? Are you digging this great eco label too?

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