Check Out These Awesome Sustainable Wooden Sunglasses

It’s impossible to go to and not find something super cool. And, this morning was no exception. I jaunted over to quickly skim today’s headlines and there they were…

wooden sunglasses

It was love at first sight to be sure.  Sustainably produced wooden sunglasses. From India. Be still my heart.

The company is called Proof, and the more I learned about how much good they’re doing in the world the more I began to love them. Proof is a company that, like Earth Divas, believes that business and doing good don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You can do both, and do them well.

Three cheers!

Why Proof is Incredible

Want to know what Proof is doing besides making incredibly cool sunglasses?

  • A portion of each sale goes to the India Eye Clinic, which provides sight-giving surgery to people who really need it.
  • The wood for each pair of sunglasses is sustainably harvested. To offset the wood they are taking, Proof is helping replant trees in Haiti, which has suffered major deforestation. Currently, only 2% of Haiti is forest.
  • Proof created a 1-for-1 program to go with their 1-for1 sunglasses (sunglasses that fold in half for easier transport). Every time you buy a pair of their folding sunglasses, Proof will donate an identical pair to someone who received a much needed eye surgery from the India Eye Clinic, to help protect their eyes from the glaring Indian sun.
  • If your need to upgrade your sunglasses, then Proof will recycle them for you. All you have to do is send them in. They turn your old wooden sunglasses into wood shavings for animal bedding, or fuel pellets to heat homes.

Look at the Coolness…

So, in addition to being an incredible company, proof also makes some awesomely cool sunglasses. Take a look…if you decide you can’t live without a pair, you can buy them here.

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