New York’s Fashion Week Full of Green Designers

I’m staring out the window this morning and all I see is a landscape of glittering white. Yes, the snow is still piled high on the ground. Thoughts of spring and summer seem a million miles away.

But in New York? They’ve bypassed spring and summer and headed straight into Fall. Fall Fashion Week just ended in the Big Apple, and although it always seems strange to talk about fall clothing in the dead of winter, that’s just how it’s done.

The cool thing about this year’s Fall Fashion Week is that plenty of green designers came out of the woodwork, showcasing fair trade, eco friendly fashion. And, that’s something we can all get excited about (even if it is 5 degrees out).

As you might imagine, there were a ton of eco fashion options this year. Treehugger did a fabulous job covering all the green designers, and while I can’t say I was crazy about all the “ready to wear” eco lines, there were quite a few that struck my fancy. Take a look…

By Emma Grady, New York, NY, courtesy Treehugger and Bodkin

My first favorite eco line comes from Bodkin. When browsing through Treehugger’s coverage this was the first line to catch my eye (you can see far more photos from Treehugger’s wonderful slideshow here). The line looks comfortable yet stylish. And for some reason, it makes me think of soft, elvish things. I think it must be the color pallet, because the clothing certainly don’t look elvish in any way. It looks cool.

Another neat thing was that the presentation took place at The Standard, a very hip hotel in the meat-packing district of Manhattan. Last time I was in New York, that’s where I got to stay! It was a super cool place, and perfect for showcasing an awesome eco-conscious line like Bodkin.

Bodkin stands out because they do everything they can to keep their line sustainable. Virtually all their cotton is organic, they often use other sustainable fibers like Tencel, and even recycled fabrics. They also take care to use vegetable fabric dye, which is much kinder to the environment. They also make their entire line here in the United States, which reduces their transportation impact, and helps strengthen the local economy. All good things.

If you’re interested in Bodkin, go check out their ┬áSpring/Summer 2011 line, here. It’s really lovely…full of white and soft pastels that will make your heart ache for spring.

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