The Uniform Project’s New Dress

If you follow the eco-fashion industry at all (or, even if you don’t) you might have heard of the Uniform Project. If you haven’t ever heard of the Uniform Project, then you’re in for a super cool treat.
In 2009, a young advertising executive was drowning in her uninspired career. To add some spice to her [...]

Emma Watson’s Line is OUT!

Ok, remember when I wrote months ago about green fashion designer Emma Watson’s new partnership with Alberta Ferretti? Well, back when I first heard the news the two weren’t giving one any hints, at all, about what the new line was going to look like.
But finally, just in time for Spring (of course), the line, [...]

My Favorite Eco Beauty Recipes

Have you ever thought about the chemicals that are lurking in your face soap and moisturizers? According to the Environmental Working Group, most commercial face care products contain chemicals that have been linked with cancer. Some major brands even contain ingredients that have been banned elsewhere around the world.
And, we’re all putting this stuff on [...]

Sandals Made from Recycled Tires

So, I’ve been on a shoe kick lately I know. But now that Spring is inching her way closer and closer, I’ve got them on the brain. I’ve banished my TerraPlana eco-boots to the back of the closet, and I’m ready to start browsing this year’s funnest eco shoes and sandals.
I was on Treehugger this [...]

Finally, We’ll Be Able to Measure the Impact of Our Clothing…

Have you ever been shopping for a shirt or pair of jeans and been confused about just how eco friendly that piece of clothing is? I know I have.
For instance, does a pair of jeans that are made locally have less of an environmental impact than an organic pair made overseas? Or, what about a [...]

A Day at the Beach: Eco Style

Ok, I know I keep bringing it up but really, I’m dreaming, DREAMING, of spring. It’s coming inch by inch here in Michigan. In fact, just this morning I saw my first bare patch of ground.
Progress is being made!
Well, I want to keep the dream alive by focusing on pretty beach things. That is, awesome, [...]