The Uniform Project’s New Dress

If you follow the eco-fashion industry at all (or, even if you don’t) you might have heard of the Uniform Project. If you haven’t ever heard of the Uniform Project, then you’re in for a super cool treat.

In 2009, a young advertising executive was drowning in her uninspired career. To add some spice to her life, she decided to come up with a creative challenge: wear the same dress for an entire year. She wanted to make a statement bout

The catch was that she had to look different every single day, and she had to come up with unique outfits around this dress without buying anything new.

She also decided to turn her challenge into a fundraiser to help raise money to help send underprivileged kids to school. All proceeds went to the Akashana Foundation, a non-profit that helps kids living in Indian slums attend school.

Yeah, amazing right?

This unique challenge was the start of the Uniform Project. The designer, Sheena Matheiken, ended up raising over $100,000 for charity last year because her little black dress was so popular. Metheiken, and the Uniform Project, were featured on NPR, PBS, Elle, Vogue and a ton of other major publications.

Here are few pictures from last year’s dress:

The Uniform Project now has a new little black dress out for this year’s challenge. And, it’s even cooler than last years! Take a look:

As you can see, the key to successfully using the Uniform Project’s little black dress is accessorizing. And the more I flip through her blog and see the creative ways she’s come up with to wear the dress, the more I want one. ¬†I love the idea of having a dress that can be worn so many different ways!

The cool thing is that the Uniform Project now has several different designs to choose from. And, you can donate additional money to a unique charity if you buy a dress. Want to see the different designs? Head over to their store.

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