Too Many Clothes? Swap Them Online

Most of us can admit freely (or, maybe not so freely) that we have too many clothes. I consider myself to be a master at trimming down my possessions, but I can still honestly say I have more clothes than I truly need. They just add up.
The problem with getting rid of clothes is that [...]

Yala’s Eco Friendly Bamboo Clothing

Finding amazing companies that are doing good for the world is always like finding a small treasure in the sand. And, I feel like I’ve found another one with Yala! EcoFabulous profiled on them this week and as soon as I saw them I knew I wanted to spread the word here too!

Yala is the [...]

Fair Trade Mother’s Day Gifts

Yay, it’s time for Mother’s Day yet again! Mother’s Day is May 8, so there’s less than a month to go.
If you’re starting to shop around for a gift that will make your mom (or you!) smile with delight, then there’s no better way to go than to buy fair trade gifts. Buying fair trade [...]

Our New Spring Bags!

Oh, I lovelovelove when we get new fair trade bags in! And we have got some amazing ones in for spring that I simply can’t wait to show you.
Many of our new bags are made by the fair trade organization Baladarshan, which I’ll be writing more about in a bit. But first, take a look [...]