Eco Friendly Wedding Dresses from Conscious Elegance

This is the time of year when wedding bells start ringing. And if this applies to you, then you might be trying to plan an eco-friendly wedding. So called “green weddings” are growing in popularity, which I think is a very good thing! Especially since weddings often require a lot of consumption and end up [...]

How to Green Your Summer Look

Shhh…can you hear it? It’s the delightful whispering of afternoons on the boardwalk, picnics and nighttime bike rides in bare feet. Yes, summer is finally almost here!
Chances are you’re looking forward to the dog days of summer just as much as I am. Already I’ve been out eying new shorts, sandals and tank tops for [...]

All-In-One Eco Fashion Pieces Keep Growing

So, you guys know I’ve written several times about the movement of these “all-in-one” fashion pieces. They’re a relatively new phenomenon; if you haven’t heard of them, here’s the skinny: some designers are making clothing pieces that serve multiple uses. The idea is that you can wear one piece of clothing several (even hundreds of) [...]

Alpaca Scarves are Perfect for that Late Spring Chill!

I know it’s May, and in man parts of the country the temperature is topping 70 degrees. But here in Michigan, we can still have cool days and even cooler nights. And if you have to live below the equator, you’re getting into your winter season. Brrr!
This is why alpaca is such a wonderful fabric [...]