Alpaca Scarves are Perfect for that Late Spring Chill!

Image courtesy Object Mythology

I know it’s May, and in man parts of the country the temperature is topping 70 degrees. But here in Michigan, we can still have cool days and even cooler nights. And if you have to live below the equator, you’re getting into your winter season. Brrr!

This is why alpaca is such a wonderful fabric for those in-between seasons. It’s light and airy, and yet it’s still incredibly warm without being stuffy like wool is.

I’ve written about alpaca before because it’s such an eco-friendly fabric. It’s non-allergic so it doesn’t need a lot of harsh washing like wool does. This means it makes less of an impact on the environment.

The alpaca itself is also eco friendly (compared to sheep) because of the way they eat. They have flat front teeth, which means they cut the grass as they go. Sheep often pull up the grass, and roots, when they eat, which can contribute to erosion and soil loss.

So, the long and the short of it is that alpaca is a smart choice when you’re shopping around for scarves and gloves.

Today I stumbled onto a wonderful company that makes gorgeous, eco friendly alpaca scarves: Object Mythology.

The first reason why I was drawn to this wonderful company is their products. They’re high quality, and vibrantly colored. Take a look…

Gorgeous, right?

Well, Object Mythology also provides jobs to women in rural Peru. Their work with Object Mythology gives them a stable income which they can use to support their families.


If you need some downright luxurious alpaca gloves and scarves, then check out this wonderful company. They’re making good things, and doing good in the world. This is, in my opinion, the best combination a business can have!

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